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How do I unpin toots - I want to have the latest release of my comic on top, but I seem to have reached the limit for pinning, and the things pinned are buried in toots and not easy to find...!?

Is it a design flaw or am I just stupid?

@Katharsisdrill I think you have to search it in your timeline.🙁
It would be nice if they could just be unpinned on the main page or had an icon, that showed wich toot was pinned. 🤔


Visit your own profile, and click your avatar. This will open your 'web view', and from there you can see your pinned toots on top. Click the time/date of the pinned toot to view it, and then click 'open in web'.

From there you can unpin it.

It's a bit circuitous, but it'll locate those toots quickly.

@NFG - Thanks... that did it - still room for some design improvements it seem :)


I've just been reliably informed that there's a quicker, though still somewhat unintuitive way to do this:

getting started (the default view) and 'pinned toots'.

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