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What White Americans Misunderstand About Mixed-Race Latinx Identity
– Visibly mixed-race people are the norm, but Latinx people are trained to identify with nation first and race second, if at all.

by Joamette Gil and Corey Ranson

@jd - Somehow the term race is all wrong - there is only one human race - many cultures and countries and tribes and languages, but only one race.

@Katharsisdrill of course this is true - but if you read the comic, these concepts of race were invented by racists to divide and conquer – these social systems still exist today even if 'race' is a fiction. Pretending there is no effect doesn't eliminate the racism.

Katharsisdrill @Katharsisdrill

@jd - I know, wasn't trying to contradict the comics.
It's just that it is a simple scientific fact that there only is one race - so the extensive use of the word in the US is rubbish in itself.

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