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@clacke - Nice to follow a Linux native fixer of Python scripts and killer of protestants in just one click :)


> killer of protestants

If anyone in my ancestry killed anyone in the last 500 years, the dead were more likely catholics, I'm sure.

@clacke - A... sorry your majesty, I confused Maria with Catherine... I see my fault now and humbly apologise

@katharsisdrill Oh! Haha. Well, ahum.

* slides into character *

We certainly did no such thing! On the contrary, we were very good friends with the Dutch, who took good care of us after our own useless son drove us from our rightful throne.

And I'll have you know, we were the ones who brought the knife and fork to those barbarians in the French court. So don't accuse us of something so base as killing good Christians.
@katharsisdrill In deference to our elder, though ... the Huguenots probably had it coming. How was their fashion sense? Didn't they have funny hats? Or perhaps a lack of funny hats?

@clacke - I think funny hats was part of the problem, besides lack of proper saints in their churches, vulgar customs, iconoclastic tendencies, silent supporters of terrorism, living in ghettos, their faith was not really a faith but a totalitarian ideology... and they wore funny hats.


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