A front page for the second part of my comic about a shy surveillance officer in the British equivalent of NSA. Here he is portrayed in a classic coldwar spy kind of way.

Read it here:


the author of one of my favorite webcomics just recommended mine and it feels so weird and fluffy 🙈 🌺

SO! if you haven't read it yet, i urge you to check out Skulls and Coins! a comic that is as cute as it is eerie, and i love it! tapas.io/series/SkullsandCoin

mastodon.art/media/AzkzdMQLCFg mastodon.art/media/v-ZIcATR2WL mastodon.art/media/N8aqLiAYHC_ mastodon.art/media/MAy4MWC-chM

I have been busy making -work. Three aluminium moulds for -casting for a project.

All the bitching about Blender you can read in the forums - but I have earned some good money doing things for example that was too organic and complicated for the NURBS-designers.

-> export -> Stl

Paradigm Shift

Page 46 of Phill from GCHQ - the comic about a shy surveillance officer in the British equivalent of NSA, whose tranquil but lonely life is roused by three, evil Celtic Gods.

Also translated into German, French and Danish...

Read it here:


And support it here:



After having worked like a crazy the last page in the first album is finally ready - now I will have to decide how to crowd-fund a real paper album.

two times the stupid electricians working in the cellar has cut the juice and two times I have lost what I was working with. Now I saves every two seconds.

Somebody on wants to support CC-by artwork. Not sure if I will benefit from it (if the art has to be about crypto it is not that interesting for me) - but still nice that at least some people out there realise that CC-art should be supported just as voluntarily as it is given away by the artist.

I made this drawing for them.

For some bizarre reason the Christmas/NewYear holiday ended today for my youngest...

Finally I have some time to work uninterrupted.

Evening drawing made from an old sketch.

The Vættir is a not so well known creature - the name originates from the old Norse mythology and seems to be used as a collective name for spirits of a wide variety. This Vættir (or Vætte in my own langauge) originates from the woods from where it watches the humans with not too impressed eyes.

Non-sexual nudity 

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