here are the noodles!
it's so many Ozys..

I've written a piece of lore on my DeviantArt in case you wanna read it. it's too many words for mastodon. (
# MastoArt

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....hmm makes me wanna reactivating my DA account again ;)

Just ask, no worries :)
Well, it was the big time of leaving social platforms. Quit Facebook in 2009, Twitter in 2010 and DA in 2011...something like that as far as I remember. In my terms "wasted" too much time in there, affected the real life :)

Ok now I was curious. And apparently I never really left. Just not used the account anymore. Some stuff is still there.

I assume you have noticed the re-design of their UI x) some people are really missing the old interface and complain a lot about the new one. strangely, I was the complete opposite - I appreciated the change.

Yes I remember. In fact I was also one of the persons who disliked the new UI. Luckily back in the day there was an option to go back to the old design.

yep that option is gone now x') imagine the agitation that followed.. it was.. intense.

Hehe of course, it's the internet. What else to expect? :blobcatcoffee: ;)
But I remember DA as a very friendly as well as non-toxic platform. Is that still the case these days?

@toxision yes it still is! I suppose there are always exceptions, but in general I like the mood there. very communicative too :}

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