pic of me and a monster, eye contact 

look what I found in the forest.. a creature of darkness <3

today, we stumbled upon a group of "Perchten" during our archery trip. I asked one to take a pic with me and the creature said yes :)

(more context: a "Percht" is a figure of an austrian customs, who, according to legend, should drive out the evil spirits of winter (or the old year?). there is also a familiar tradition which is called "Krampus".)


ink and more ink.
so, how is your 2022 so far? :)
mine is 3 out of 10 (where 10 is amazing and 3 like hell-no). but I'm working hard on making it a 5! in the meanwhile I drew this. have a good day/night <3


here is a little sketch, so you know that I'm still alive :3

(RL stuff: lately, I'm struggling with some related issues - well - more than the usual, so, if you happen to have pcos too.. and struggle with the symptoms.. I feel you. I thought that is worth sharing, bc one thing about pcos is that nobody seems to talk about it. in case you wonder, pcos is a hormonal disorder in women.)

have a nice day :)


Horror/creative writing 

I note from Reliable Sources ( @Kathaja ) that #creatuanary is a thing, so I present trio of small literary submissions that I wrote for the open source card game "Hypnagonia" dbzer0.itch.io/hypnagonia This #writing serves as flavour text for an addition to the torments that one must overcome to escape the dream. This Torment is based around a recurring dream that the Dreamer knows well...and dreads even more.

Some WIPs in various stages: 2 featuring a pair of OCs and the last a possible header image for my profile :3

anyone else participating in ? :)
yesterday's prompt inspired me to make this creature. it should have been a "bat god", but it turned out something cat-or-dog-like(?)
at least I tried.

I have to admit, it was both interesting and frustrating to paint this. I wanted to have a light figure on dark background, which isn't easy I realized. but I think I'm making progress with digital painting after all.


...vicious predators, bizarre and dangerous beings, even plants that can eat you alive.

at the beginning of every new year the Nan-Te'gah hope that it will pass without another wave. they wish good luck and "not a single change".


as we do not live on Qu'tar (fortunately), I wish you good luck and all the change you need <3
happy new year!

(part 2/2)

change is a good thing, isn't it?
if you are born on Qu'tar, it is not. Qu'tar is the home wold of my Nan-Te'gah, the sky folk. about every 5 years their planet undergoes another wave of change. it is a reaction, an adaptation to the sins of the past, the pollution of its nature. the Nan-Te'gah have been reckless. they have lived carelessly for far to long. today, they can only watch while their planet brings forth one nightmare after the other...

(part 1/2)

I tried a digital :)
(usually, I use paper for sketches)

the left one is my first attempt of today, the right one my second. I think the first drawing of a day is always a little stiff, but the second one will be better.

RL update: I accomplished the assessment for the scrum/UX certificate - yeeii :3


today is my last working day before vacation ☺️ I'm very much looking forward to relaxing and spending time with my family.

but before that I have to pass one last thing, a test for a certificate - "professional scrum with UX" - it's something work-related. wish me luck ^-^

the drawing is a sketch from my notebook. I made it during a break with ballpoint pen.

I kinda like those sketches :) they were meant to find out how the helmets work. I did them previously to the last drawing I shared - my excuses for messing with the timeline :>


RL update:
I have to share this bc it looks so nice <3
it's a place in which is called Schiedeweiher (an artificial lake in Hinterstoder - the lake is not visible here, only the river which flows out of the lake). my partner and I took a walk there, it was literally .

me & my aliens :)
first time ever I'm joining this trend.
the pic of me is from 2019 tho. I made it in Monument Valley while I was traveling with friends for 3 weeks through the western part of the USA. we saw so many beautiful and interesting places. some of my best memories are from that road trip. that's why I chose this pic. it reminds me of a wonderful time.


I tried helmet - looks a bit like a PJ xD
but nevermind, I'm glad I tried something new. I need to get a grasp on protective clothing. the Nan-Te'gah's world is.. harmful.


and one more done with pigment liners :)

let's assume this lady is the most beautiful at the dance with all her pretty(?) head attire. imagine the pipes can glow!


. not very finished.

Nan-te'gah seem to be a go-to subject lately.
are you interested in seeing some environment of their world? bc I have the feeling I should finally learn how to draw such things..


a freak. with cables.
I'm still figuring out how to draw them.
and I tried an experimental background.. shadow(?) not sure how to call that, but I like the contrast.


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