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is my top favorite color at the moment <3

here are the drawings of my , I've been working on lately. it's is called Tar'nex. they live in near-darkness and are unable to close their eyes c:

of a Tar'nex, one of my personal creations. I hope to finish it soon, I was lazy with this one.. also I'm afraid to mess up the shading ^^'

here are some of my . I drew them during my vacation at a lake in Austria, my home country. this week was perfect, I wish it lasted longer c:

I'm curious, is it difficult for you to stick to the policy due to ?

for me the biggest downside is that traveling to other countries is not an option currently. on the other side, I finally find time to draw (: how are you holding up? and what are the rules in your country at the moment?

stay healthy everyone c:

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Decided to sell this though I'm not sure anyone would be interested
Watercolor, A5 size. 370€ + shipping, dm me if you want it

Boosts very much appreciated!

I've just finished the I've been working on for a while. it belongs to the home world of my named [ ], you can see one on my profile's banner image. I think, I'm going to name this creature [ ]. they are calm and peaceful animals living underwater c:

I've bought a new :) it has 0.3 millimeters instead of my usual 0.5 - which does not sound much, but it is! I've sketched a test . it's some kind of , let's see where it goes.
what's your favorite pencil or drawing tool?

is done ~
here is the result of the WIP I shared lately. the is called Var'U'San and belong to my personal inventions.

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RT @JuliaMetzgerArt@twitter.com

"Dreadful Summoner"
Calling my second painting under the mentorship of the great @DonatoArts@twitter.com at smARTSchool done!
That one came with a few roadblocks, but I'm happy about the result 🖤

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JuliaMetzgerArt/st

I sketched the next to the close-up of its hand c: The is called [Var'U'San] and yes it's the same as the one I posted recently. I'll upload the finished drawing hopefully soon.

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This is called [Arka], one of my personal inventions. The page consists of single drawings and sketches that I later assembled in a digital painting software.

here is a of a I did some time ago. you can find the finished artwork in my media.

After several requests, I've created an account on Instagram. yes. now it's done and it seems that I'm forever alone there 😂 are you using Instagram? any experiences?

this is mine from now on:

of my . with pencils. I want to draw more of them c:

(sry for the re-upload, I found photoshop for mobile and had to try it. I'm IMPRESSED... this thing is awesome.)

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hey there all cool cats and kittens

running away from dA's terrible choices

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