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finally! this was a struggle. I haven't done that kind of digital processing for a while.. but after some endless tweaking it turned out like this. I hope you like it :3

maybe some of you already know that this is a [Tar'nex], one of my .

also, this is a combined with digital colors and editing.

let's call this a "hand study".
it's the of a [], my merpeople.
a bit disgusting, hm?
(they aren't slimy, that's at least something :))

because I love the mood of this hike, I'm sharing it with you :}

hiking is one of my favorite things to do. not only because nature is a beautiful place. but it allows me to disconnect. it invites me to explore the world around me and let the mind wander..

" if they were blind to the contamination, the species extinction, the change. Our precautions no longer work. Where we find solutions, problems follow. My people have grown weary. Too many have given up. My strength is at an end..."
- Lubuandis Madras

that text as promised :}

this is [Lubuandis Madras]. she belongs to the species [Nan-Te'gah], the ninth nation of [Araz]. their planet has undergone some serious changes which has caused their environment and wildlife to turn against them.
Lubuandis is trying her best to seek help from an allied species, but there won't be an easy fix..

in case you want to read what's written on the right, I'm going to share that later :)

RL stuff:
this is called Traunsee, a beautiful place in . it was the final destination of today's hiking trip. look at that majestic :))

friendly face, part 2. but now he is trying. I swear.
would you shake his hand if he offered? xD

thank you for answering my poll btw, it helped :}

as this bugs me a bit, I kindly ask you for your opinion :)
do you mind if I post different drawings of the same creature/character again and again?

I made this video a while ago, but never shared it. to be honest, I'm not sure if anyone is interested after all, but here it is. a small bit of my drawing process. you can see the finished drawing on my profile @Kathaja :)

some with some . he also has a body, but I was lazy .__.

currently, I like drawing my people in not-amused-mode. Zhaikes is perfect for this. he is an expert in the field.

I think, I was in a speech bubble mood yesterday 🤔

this is Zhaikes and Lara. while drawing them I realized that posing isn't easy.. especially if I want to express some sort of feelings. this is going to be a long way until I will be comfortable with interactions like this.

also no explanations to what's going on here, you can make up your own x)
(sry for delete and re-draft, but I had a typo in hashtag that bugged me to no end x.x)

I was a bit dead for a while.. my creative output usually switches between drawing and writing. and lately I found writing more interesting.

but today, I got back to it again. here is a scribble of a Nan-Te'gah (again). I needed this for comfort :)

"...We are surviving here in the breezily heights of our planet, depended on resources of the outside worlds. From the very day of our elevation, we beg for help and for forgiveness."
- Lilldun Narguar, ecologist of Qu'tar

Lilldun Narguar is one of Qu'tar's leading ecologists. She is responsible for monitoring the condition of the planet, including the ongoing contamination and alteration of habitats, species extinction, and the abnormal transformation of surviving species.

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"...We had to fly higher, much higher than we were supposed to, build a new home there – cities and ships in the sky, never allowed to reach the grounds again. Now we live on the brim of air, where we can barely breath, far away from the poisoned lands that contaminates our fragile bodies..."

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"...We never cared for our nature. We used it when needed and tortured it with waste and darkness. We poisoned the azure coasts, the turquoise beaches, the deep green swamp lands, the yellowish water fields, and the deep, black oceans.
The consequences were painful. We had to leave our habitats close to the ground..."

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"They call us Sky Folk, not because we have wings and are free to fly wherever we want to. No, that name is a stigma, a reminder what we did to our nature. You must know that ninety-seven percent of Qu’tar’s surface is covered with water. It’s been beautiful lands, rich with life and colors. But we have always been above that. We’ve looked down to the lesser creatures with disregard and sometimes with pity..."

I'm done with the wing creature :}

this species is called [Nan-Te'gah]. they live on Qu'tar, a planet with lots of water. but poisonous water unfortunately.

I have shared a piece of lore about them on my DeviantArt and I'm thinking about sharing those things here as well. it's more text than usually, but maybe interesting for some of you?

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HORUS “Omukade”
Got Procreate a couple weeks ago and have been trying to get used to it and figured doing some Lancer mechs was the best way to do that

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