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ah its so nice to post here because i got lots of finished stuff to share :') This one is called after a character in an old tale, "Condwiramurs", who was not in fact a dragon, but it sounds like a dragons name, dont you think? :)

so much fur..

this one is an original creature of a species called [Shendran] or colloquial [Shekk]. They live in the world of the [Darakay], another species of mine. I hope you like it.

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I rather like the less pretty beings x)
This guy is a combination of a traditional pencil drawing and digital colors; currently my favorite way of creating stuff.

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It's the weekend which MEANS. I share More Art

This time it's an older OC of mine, Francis! He's a shy old man who lives in the rotted out hulk of a wrecked ship washed ashore. He lost his life to the greed of another and was given a second chance by a strange godly creature.

He is very shy, but very kind. He likes to tell stories to anyone who cares to drop by. He doesn't believe he's worth anything in this life, but he is. He just hasn't realized it yet.


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