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I'm open on doing commission which the link is here:

along accepting kofi:
like i said i do doodles request if one buy me coffee or kofi

also it appreciated if you reblog this and spread this around.

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anyways i do like to let others know beside me and the other people that i am needing of help of earning money....mostly how the adobe won't let me go if i don't pay.

but i can't due to low money. i do need help.
so if you buy me coffee or kofi
i will do a drawing request for you guys whatever character you like me to sketch out. even that is your character or from a character of any media.

so nsfw, or complicated dragon design or character. i will do my best o.k

A bunch of drawing and doodles of vulpo and my friend boogeyman.
(The feline is vulpo in disguise)
Both are a family to each other.

also last but not least, is the commission price and thought it be nice to let you know that i still accept commission.

also you can buy me commission and accept doing doodles of it.

me coffee

a creature that infect others that turn into one of hers. a very dangerous being due to the ability of making any kind of gas along of manipulating the gas to whatever one do like to do so.

watch out for such creature cause it can corrupt or hurt you.


old pride, the guy who like to experience on others and the 2nd pic is his daughter, the one he cherish the most.

sorry for the absent of not posting it often. though it just that I got distracted by the role playing at tumblr along of other things like net neutrality.

also please do donate on my kofi or on paypal if you want to see more


a friend of mine ask me a quest to draw his oc. decided to tweak a bit of his character appearance since the other two who draw him that i used for a reference stresses me out a bit until i realize i took it too seriously thus why i decided to make a change of it.
anyways my commission is still open and i'm more than gladly to take it.


a magical girl that advertise blue bunny by eating ice cream. just kidding, she doesn't do that, well she did once but she doesn't want to talk about it. i got the idea from a friend that the drawing got him thinking about the blue bunny.

anyways this is vivien and she's one of luna workers along being the strongest and easily angry.

-pen -girl -art -drawing -characters

thanks to some post about venom and his species, the symbiotes. i created a character based on the species alone.


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