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I've been working on my comic since 2018. Health issues slowed me down. But just as I had the first issue ready to submit to Comixology Submit at the end of 2021, Amazon announced they were doing away w/ Comixology Submit. I have the first two issues ready to go, waiting for Amazon to unbreak Comixology, or some better option to materialize. The 1st issue has 10 stories and 13 in the second issue with a total of 15 artists between the two issues.

After nearly 2 decades in prison, in 2010 Sara Kruzan had her life sentence commuted for killing the sex trafficker who was pimping her out. At the age of 16 she was charged as an adult for his murder because she is Black and girls/women don't get to kill in self defense.

Now Governor Gavin Newsome has pardoned her so she can get back her civil rights. A decent move in an era when Republican Governors go out of their way to hurt their constituents for clout.

Kevin Hart action movies are like Kindergarten Cop (et al) except Kevin Hart instead of the kid.
If you enjoyed Central Intelligence, Netflix's THE MAN FROM TORONTO is more of that fun-fun goodness!

Now I'm wondering if I should add Ride Along 1&2, Central Intelligence, Stuber and The Man From Toronto to my Tough Guys vs Kids movies list.


Apparently predators are tagging girls with Air Pods and tracking their locations. As SCOTUS pushes farther into legalizing Rape and declaring women property, things are going to get more dangerous. Here's a Twitter thread from a young woman who found an Air Pod on her.

Maybe don't tease the lion until the boy has succeeded in growing to 20 feet tall.

Hanna Barbera - See Africa with Cornelius Rooster (1964) - Corn Flakes commercial.

If you enjoyed Rizzoli and Isles, and don't need your assassin movies to be wall-to-wall murder, Lifetime's Buried in Barstow, ($4.99 on Prime Video) is a good time.

Theoretically there's a sequel on the way.

I'm following Netflix's awesome and kick-ass INTERCEPTOR with Hulu's THE PRINCESS and this is a great pairing. From the trailer I though it'd be A Knight's Tale fluff, but Joey King is hopping around killing all these dudes. VERY COOL!!!

Did you know Hanna Barbera made Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercials? A kid summons Cornelius Rooster for adventures, and grows giant when he eats them.

This one reuses some Jonny Quest animation. Another reuses some Sinbad Jr. stuff. Also Jungle Lion/Dinosaur adventures.

OVER AND OVER the US declares that Free Speech is only for Nazis.

If you call for Genocide of LGBTQ people from the Pulpit, you're cool.

If you're pissed off that SCOTUS/Republicans are going to kill women for clout, you could go to jail.

Lightyear Was AWESOME!!!!!

Though it was like they poured Pixar sad-juice all over Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

We need Buzz Lightyear of Star Command on Disney+.

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