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The first issue of the Kari Crock comic is available for pre-order!

Release Date is July 23rd.

There is a Coupon Code that makes it 75% off between July 20th and Aug 5th.


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I've been working on my comic since 2018. Health issues slowed me down. But just as I had the first issue ready to submit to Comixology Submit at the end of 2021, Amazon announced they were doing away w/ Comixology Submit. I have the first two issues ready to go, waiting for Amazon to unbreak Comixology, or some better option to materialize. The 1st issue has 10 stories and 13 in the second issue with a total of 15 artists between the two issues.

Hi! I'm Camila, an artist and illustrator with a love for fantasy and horror.
I've worked with novel covers, concept art and games in general. I lean towards character art but try to keep a broader focus to cultivate the toolset needed for my own weird projects.

Looking forward to meeting other creatives!

I made a little fake Abbott & Costello DVD menu screen animation to see if I still know how to make Motion Graphics in After Effects.

Finished $90M HBO Max movie Batgirl & $40M Scoob Holiday Haunt have been shelved for tax write off. HBO Max TV shows Gordita Chronicles/Close Enough. Pretty much everything on TBS/TNT/The CW. Speculation has Green Lantern Corps/Black Canary/Blue Beetle/Zatana, Static Shock & others quietly cancelled.
New WB CEO David Zaslav HATES anything diverse. Turning $500M worth of projects into Tax Write-Offs is Tax Evasion/Fraud/Corporate Malpractice.

I just placed my Pre-Order for the digital comic Kari Crock #1.

After Coupon Code: BNPKARICROCK, it was only $1.25.

The comic comes out Sat 7/23/2022

Please consider buying/sharing this post. Thanks!

The City of the Dead is the original 1960 Christopher Lee movie. Horror Hotel is the US version missing 3 Satanic lines of dialog. Amicus Productions

On Prime Video you can watch the UK version if you subscribe to Shudder/AMC+.
Or you can buy the Spanish language dub El Hotel Del Terror for $5.

Tubi has both of these Free w/ ads.

Vudu has Horror Hotel free w/ ads or you can buy The City of the Dead for $15.

W/ the passing of Ray Liotta, Identity (2003) has been on my rewatch list. John Cusack, Amanda Peet, John Hawkes, Clea DuVall, John C. McGinley, Jake Busey, Rebecca De Mornay, Pruitt Taylor Vince.

A well crafted Who-Dun-It, set at a mysterious hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Years later I thought Syfy's 3-part mini-series The Lost Room (2006) felt similar in ways.

The trailer for Bad Times At The El Royale (2018) looked similar to Identity in other ways.

Blood & Treasure is back for a second season on Paramount+ and Michael James Shaw (Agent Mike from CBS' Limitless) is back with the show.

Marvel Studios should totally make him a hero.

Apparently he has been playing a character named Mercer on The Walking Dead since he finished shooting season 2 of Blood and Treasure 2 years ago.

And now IMDb is telling me he was Corvus Glaive in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

Also that he was Papa Midnite in Constantine.

A dude posted on Twitter that there was a The Fog reissue of the Milton Bradley board game, Bermuda Triangle.

So I searched for it, because of course I did. Found nothing. Posted about it on the Forum in Board Game Geek attached to the Bermuda Triangle game. Then I commented that I posed the question on BGG w/ the link, and the dude posted a pic, saying that he saw them go for £50.

Kindertrauma is a horror fan site. Turning the Milton Bradley logo into KT is the give away that it's fake.

Giant Amanda Peet only gets to watch as Jack Black fights the giant mecha in Gulliver's Travels (2010).

The first issue of the Kari Crock comic is available for pre-order!

Release Date is July 23rd.

There is a Coupon Code that makes it 75% off between July 20th and Aug 5th.


The Addams Family 2 (2021) is way better and less annoying than Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022). The character work is spot on, even if the story is just okay.

Both are free w/ subscription on Prime Video right now.

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