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Hello everyone. Alex here, I'm an artist, animator & indie video games developer. Just taking my first steps here (reposting with the image descriptions, thanks for the steer all)...

Well, this was going around on twitter but thought I would try it out here! Please show me your most popular vs your personal favourite.

Tonight's movie from George A. Romero but not a zombie in sight...

Here are some temple sketches I did for a game a while back. Playing in my friend’s game got me over burn out and even started drawing again. Plus my DM really leaned into the Netherese stuff when I said I found it super interesting.
Unfortunately the campaign kind'a exploded in the end but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Our server rules have been updated to include no NFTs:

"No NFTs! NFTs are not about art - they're about money. There are crypto-related instances on the fediverse that would be more suitable. "

Existing NFT creators (there are very very few here) can stay, but will probably feel more at home and reach a bigger audience on a crypto-focused instance where people actually want to see that content.

Let's get the ball rolling with the classic Mittens Hack Gif

Hello! I'm making Schrodinger's Cat Burglar, a puzzle heist adventure!

Hey everyone! 👋

Robert here! I'm an indie game developer with a background in tech art and visual FX. I quit my job a few years ago and started making a not-so-little indie game: Hokko Life.

I'm a big fan of walking in the forest, books & animation, plus I study Japanese in my spare time 📖

Nice to meet you! よろしく!

Hey I'm Chris, I work as a 2D games artist and illustrator. In my spare time I love drawing for my own fantasy world.

Hey, solo game dev here from the UK making atmospheric narrative driven games. Previously made the fantasy adventure game Guard Duty and last year released my psychological horror Chasing Static, now working on a cool new thing!!

Giving mastodon a try to help ease off my dependency on twitter, let's be pals ❤️

Let's check out this thing ✨

Hi all! I'm Harry Alisavakis, I'm a technical/VFX artist working in the industry!

I like experimenting with shaders, VFX and different visual looks to make colorful and chill scenes =]

aaaand send toot

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