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fanart of one of the characters from (totally not Green Day's musical side proyect) The Network, i made this on 2020 when their latest album released and I still very much like how it came out ✨ such a damn good album too 😩

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@ItsMeChrisWade Thank you Chris!! 🥺 that means a lot, specially since i remember having a great time drawing this lol

@Kam it really looks like you did! It's so expressive and there's LAYERS to their skin. I wish I knew what The Network was (this TOTALLY NOT GREEN DAY side project) so I had reference to this character.

@ItsMeChrisWade their two albums are in spotify! Its a new wave/pop punk/synthpunk band, if you're into that i definitely recommend checking them out

their albums are very context-based, especially the second one in the sense that it directly addresses topics like the handling of the pandemic, trump's govnt at the time, etc etc, very cathartic imo

@Kam I am not sure how I made it to 2022 without hearing about them but THANK YOU! I love this sound so much!

@jerpirate its never too late : D glad I could get more people to check them out even two years later after their last album lol

@Kam I haven't been this music giddy since discovering Blaqk Audio!

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