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Hello !

I'm Camila González, an animation artist from Chile :) I'm currently working as a rough animator for Helluva Boss S2

(This demo reel has stuff from 2020 and back, 2021 onwards has all been NDA and improving, so i'm hoping to update it this year lol 😂 )

drew Green Day last night to cope with the fact that they’re going to Argentina and no event producer over here in Chile invited them over 🥲 i wish i had enough money at the moment to afford traveling and concert tickets lol

sorry to bring that here it's just i feel frustrated that everyone keeps engaging over there

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another day another animation discourse

you'd think if these children/adult cartoon fans actually cared about causes they'd know better not to make twitter profit over daily discourse (now with Elon as the CEO to top it all lol)

tonight on things i really really like but never got around to doodle until now: gta v
character explorations are fun, trevor is like the easiest to synthesize, his face is burned into my brain

a pinned post! hello!!! call me kerrigan! (they/them)

I'm a writer, gamer, doodler, and massive dork. Currently chugging through NEET life from my apartment's living room floor in Small Town, Northeast Ohio, USA.

my website and portfolio can be found here: (I am very much looking for work lol!!!)

I also keep Game That Tune Radio open almost constantly so if you've ever popped into the chat there, you've probably seen me.

finally, if you've ever seen this screenshot posted anywhere before, that was also me! And there's a new version of this list, now in fancy database form! It currently lives here:

nice to meet you! :^)

Starting tomorrow is my ✨birthday week✨ so use code: RAREOD for 10% off on INPRNT (starts tomorrow) If you see some illustrations you like that are not on the shop yet, tell me! ❣️

Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite 💗 | Hades
I haven't played Hades in a long time 😩 I want to stream, but I'm busy and tired.

I got sinovac for the first two shots, then pfizer, now moderna (collecting those vaccines like if they were pokemon cards lol)

I think only sinovac made me sleepy for a day

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Had the 4th shot of covid juice yesterday and i'm still on that streak where nothing happens except that my arm hurts just like if i fell on it

I think everyone i know was knocked out for a couple of days, i wonder why that is

I made this piece for Deltarune Chapter 2’s release back in September. Still very proud of it!

Since I want to share more and with you, and that I'm so happy with 's Season coming out a few days ago, here are the 4 dwarf classes of the game.

space pirate 💫 (ryoko has such iconic character design)

Late night super mushy fanart time. God, renew this show already so I can stop chewing my fingers off. #ofmd #ofmdfanart #ourflagmeansdeath

Did some redraws of some old characters from like 9 years ago.
A mud monster and a Robot guy .
Good exercise to rethink old ideas.
Done in Clip paint studio.

Hi, I'm Camila, a game developer & artist from Chile, currently developing Long Gone Days.

⚡️ Released Games:
⚡️ Instagram:
⚡️ More Links:

This may seem like a trivial thing, but please re-consider using the word 'refugees' when you're coming over from other sites. It's easy to not put much thought into our words, but for a lot of people here, 'refugee' carries a really heavy implication that's being diminished seeing it used for people switching social media sites.

The fediverse at large - not just .art - is a very diverse place full of beautiful people trying to look out for each other in a caring environment. Let's be kind <3

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