WIP for an animation commission
I am not the best animator but my friend really wanted to commission me for this

BTW! The game I have been working on dropped a new demo! if you guys have the chance to try it out! I did art and some level designed for it, extremely proud of the result!

just joined and looking to expand my horizons 👀 any artists here in the same boat? feel free to interact

i love nature and selectively some games, books, comics and animated works but they keep changing :)

here's some of my old stuff because i forgot how to draw in uni and i'm barely slowly getting back into it now:

hello hello, i'm mei and i love to draw :•) currently into , but i like a whole bunch of things.

i'm still on but thought i might start crossposting when/if things go south there. learning a new platform is tough so i don't expect to be on here too often YET, but will come here to post art when i have it.

ty for reading!

Another commission for the same person, CW: the subject is a meanie and insults your mother

I've been on Masto for a little while now, but with the big influx of new users and new followers, I should probably re-introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Meagan. I'm an artist, illustrator, and occasional who's worked primarily in the and spheres.
I like horror and queer romance. Incidentally, I'm slowly working on a sapphic VN adaptation of Phantom of the Opera under the name Ulalaria Games.

[nudity, blood in some images]

Trying Mastodon again now that I’m not relying on Twitter for commission income

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