I grew up on the Savage Sword of Conan comics and their covers largely shaped my taste in sword and sorcery art. Here's my stab (pun very much intended) at one of those.

Fixed up "Perhaps You Can Help Settle This Conundrum" and finished "Food Goes Here" yesterday.
oil painting popsurrealism

Today’s progress on “What Are Ya Gonna Do, Hold It For Me?” and “Food Goes Here.” More process shots and my playlist are up in my IG stories, soon to end up in a blog post for Patreon subscribers.

I'm currently accepting commissions for mixed media portrait drawings.
$275 for an 8x10
$350 for an 11X14
If interested, please send a photo or photos to justinsmithart@gmail.com.
Special thanks for Bridget, Krystal, and Manny for volunteering to be my advertising models.

Here's a short sample of my new process video, which shows how I created "The Air Is Heavy With The Taste Of Your Failure," with an intro clip featuring sthe Doodle Dudes! Follow the Patreon link in my profile to see the whole video! youtu.be/XdOMBfwOLh0

"The Air Is Heavy With The Taste Of Your Failure!" - Digital color study for a future oil painting. Timelapse video of its creation available for Monster of the Month Club members at patreon.com/justinsmithart

Two more recent paintings, kind of a diptych: "Frib The Fruub, Fit As A Fiddle" and "Frib? Well, He's Seen Better Days." Both oil on 30"x40" canvas.

Been away for a while. Here's a painting I recently completed called "I Found It By The Creek" - 36"x36" oil on canvas.
There's a blog post about how and why it was created over at patreon.com/justinsmithart for Monster of the Month Club members.

"You Know What? I'll See You Later!" is done! If you want to read about my process and see step-by-step photos, so to patreon.com/justinsmithart and join the Monster of the Month Club today!

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