I've reached a part of my piece where I'm scared I will ruin it if I continue because it looks really good right now 😆 I'm only half done! AAAA


I finished it but just the slices were way better alone than with the whole peach in the back. Looks more like an apple too. 🍑 🍎

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I'm pretty happy with this but what I don't like about it is that apparently if you take your time you can produce something good ???? Instead of rushing it and making something bad ????

Also shout out to the overly expensive white Luminance pencil I bought in a "treat yourself" shopping trip.

The peaches have company now.
I really like the combination of Ecoline brush pens (markers) and colored pencils.

@Garrison Right? Apparently you also get better when you practice ???? This is all unfair!

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