Day 1 of !
(I'm doing actually: a list of prompts I made up with some other people. This is about getting in the habit of drawing every day and learning plus we didn't like the official prompts. 😆)

Day 4 of .
The prompt is candy.
I really did the least with this but at on the plus side the porcupine has some seasonal snacks.

Day 5 of .
The prompt is mushroom.

I have learned that watercolor pencils are the worst and that I should've left this a pencil sketch.

Day 7 of .
The prompt is antlers.
It's a jackalope from Don't Starve. I had big plans for today but I'm not feeling too hot so I did an easy one.

Day 9 of .
The prompt is tarot.
CW sexual pun and thick thighs that save lives

Day 11 of
The prompt is spider/spiderweb.
I chose the web, no spiders in sight.
Absolute pure war with the fucking white gel pen.

Day 12 of .
The prompt is tombstone.
I don't know if you can see the subtle message but once the bricks got out of hand I gave up. 😆

Day 18 of -
The prompt is night sky.
I absolutely hated it and these northern lights only look good from far away and without glasses.

Day 20 of .
The prompt is lantern.
An attempt at gouache and 😬

Day 21 of .
The prompt is leaf/leaves.
It went so well and I feel like I ruined it with the masking marker that was WAY too thick. I need to draw bigger. But that's really intimidating.

Day 24 of .
The prompt is skull.
I'm not having the best day so a pencil sketch has to be good enough.

Day 26 of .
The prompt is ghost.
Added some little toxic ghosties to my cauldron.

Day 27 of .
The prompt is fangs and this is a Siberian Musk Deer.

Day 28 of .
The prompt is coffin.
I had a bad day yesterday so here's my masterpiece :D


Day 30 of .
The prompt is cryptid and I wanted to catch up and do something small and still managed to fuck it up xD

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Last day of !
The prompt is pumpkin, this is a squash, sue me.
It's done, I finished! 🎉

@Julia Eh why, looks perfectly like count Orlok!

Just kidding xP
Maybe you know the feeling too? The simpler something is visually the harder it is to "get right".

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