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Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

For anyone's interested, if you tip 20$ to our SubscribeStar.Adult you or your Vamp/Human OC can be featured in this party.

Here it is the first 14 pages of , some of the pages are in the processing phase so wont exactly be in the final product.
Please sub or share, need all the support to keep this comic going.

So within this month Afronomenon here
and thier on the subcribestar funding page will upload the first 8 pages/16 pages of the Judgment Day comic.
Follow and check us out if you're interested.
If you like what you've seen of the comic give us a sub or spread the page to others that might be interested as well. Either way thanks for the support

It's been a Year since starting this journey, thankful to everyone that has followed us. Still going up hill not seeing every bump on the way. But despite the unknown ahead what better day to celebrate the first year than the day Blk ppl gain superpowers and Evolve.

Tip or Follow at -

A bit quiet here but only because we are more focused on the comic this month. Hoping to complete the first Chapter by new years to be ready for February.

LongTale -

Had this in my brain for a long time, done while waiting for the recent comic page layout to be approved.

Will have to re-print cause of the water damage but the quality of the prints are top notch. Will still be the special Halloween edition for our Top Supporters over at SubscribeStar.Adult

Seems like very week Luna is loosing more and more of herself. Drakes powers isn't all she obtained, his appetite as well...

Corner panal of Luna by

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