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Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

Many Thanks to some of our 40 tier subscribers and dedicated fans from the days when was just a Novel. Our appreciation will be shown within our works/Jams in the future. More tributes to come for our 40 tier scribers.

Afronomenon Studio recently Launched a SubscribeStar.
Public access Artwork will still be displayed here as usual. But for more exclusive/Adult Works as well as Tiers for Character OC creation/inclusion in our works and physical content head on over.

Let's see together where our little stuido takes us.

The Three Queens of the ”, Mary Thomas, Axeline Elizabeth Salomon (Queen Agnes), and Mathilda McBean organized the people and led the rebellion known as The Fireburn. They had vehemently encouraged the people to seek freedom, blood, and fire.

Abel, Zera and Luna have had a very colorful history together 😈 😩 😋

If Any works from JudgmentDay get into the NSFW relm, cause we are open to FanWorks. Please tag as, lol just to keep the SFW seprate in .

Jose, don't let the drip fool you. He's a very wise and Powerful Mentor, will mock you once he lays you flat.

Once things have settled down we'll go into production of this Sticker. Cause sadly this'll never go outta style.

Thanks everyone for your inputs on the Manga vs Comic polls. Really helps deciding the style/format of the comic and hope this is a good in between. Drops of Color to help with the focus of the scenes/characters and B/W screen tones/shade for that Manga like feel.

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Support the Artist -

I, Ilsa/LongTaleAnimation
Have a larger collection of Mangas than .
I personally love the line work, story, and actions of . The coloring didn't matter.

Comics I find myself most of the time mostly attracted to them based of coloring and Drawing style. Not necessarily the story or characters.

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