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the last one was supposed to be my last but here's still another cute ink

I don't endorse smoking but Tove is a character who would smoke. Pls pretend it's medicinal marijuana like I do

one thing led to another and now we danse wis dogg

this is simply my life now

I've been collecting accessories for each of my spirit characters (Teo, Bernard, and Jiao, respectively) and I'm very pleased with my collection 😊 💕

Teo taking selfies on his vacation ughh he's too moe

this took about an hour and a lot of filters 😂

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Finished Zelda! The outcome is quite different than I first planned but that's okay.

I don't expect people to like my art. It doesn't come from a low place, but from the awareness that I'm simply doing what I like and it doesn't have to jive with everyone. When people don't like it, I don't care. But when people enjoy it enough to buy it, I'm over the moon every time. I think I'm very blessed. Thank you for enjoying my art 💕

Oh!!! Thank you so much!! I didn't know anyone from masto got a preorder ;-;💕

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