I just recognised the falcon (falcon?) from Cut Time (mostly because of the glowy eyes) and want to say I really love your comic, especially the characters and humor. 💜
Also the drawing style.

I must admit I'm a binge reader so I won't check in alltoo often, but it's been a fun read and I'm excited for more story.

@CheshireEmber aw thank you! Binge readers are just as valid, dw!! :3

@Juby I like how the white creates contrast to the teeth, especially with the picture with the glasses.

@jeff that's interesting, since I've never seen her work 😂

@Juby en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiona_ check out her work on the comic book Saga

My comment was definitely meant as a compliment 😉

@jeff her works are very cool.

But in the future, please try not to make such comparisons to artists in general. Not everyone is going to feel the compliment and we should all be mindful of that.

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