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Hello! Might as well double up the 's tag with a proper . I'm Juby and I'm a Korean-born Canadian who draws a webcomic called Cut Time and well-dressed hotties from another project called A Witch's Cross. I enjoy astrology in that hilarious way and drawing my characters dancing. Drown me in 3-piece suits and shirt garters


I didn't quite finish but...
here are the spirits in their more canon forms

the last one was supposed to be my last but here's still another cute ink

I don't endorse smoking but Tove is a character who would smoke. Pls pretend it's medicinal marijuana like I do

this is the content I make now I guess

one thing led to another and now we danse wis dogg

this is simply my life now

I've been collecting accessories for each of my spirit characters (Teo, Bernard, and Jiao, respectively) and I'm very pleased with my collection 😊 💕

I just want an instagram account journaling these boys' hijinks

Teo taking selfies on his vacation ughh he's too moe

this took about an hour and a lot of filters 😂

don't have much I can post but Teo is always here for me 😊

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