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Hello! Might as well double up the 's tag with a proper . I'm Juby and I'm a Korean-born Canadian who draws a webcomic called Cut Time and well-dressed hotties from another project called A Witch's Cross. I enjoy astrology in that hilarious way and drawing my characters dancing. Drown me in 3-piece suits and shirt garters


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catching up on @Juby 's webcomic! think there's 7-8 new pages since I last looked, uh, mid 2018?

it's on chapter 4, the story is just getting started but the art & especially the main girl is really cute (she has a seeing-eye hawk! hawks have much better eyesight than dogs, it's only logical.)

webcomics are wonderful, webcomic time is sloooow


oops sorry... I think I missed an update message or two here haha... I've been updating every week!

sometimes it's just nice to paint a self portrait and then put a cat tail on it

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