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Hello! Might as well double up the 's tag with a proper . I'm Juby and I'm a Korean-born Canadian who draws a webcomic called Cut Time and well-dressed hotties from another project called A Witch's Cross. I enjoy astrology in that hilarious way and drawing my characters dancing. Drown me in 3-piece suits and shirt garters


I played around with post-processing quite a bit on this old drawing asdfasd
chromatic aberration and noise...

About every week my musician friend and I have a jam session on call (he plays the chords on his keyboard/piano and I play on my violin) and sometimes we improv really cool pieces together... most of which we never record LMAO. We saved a snippet of one yesterday's just to remember the backbone of it. (this is my friend on the keyboard)

I have been seeing this tiny singing angel in my dreams... he looked about 10, had freckles, and no shoes. He was such a sweet little thing, so I drew Jaime holding him ;-; I think they're singing together 😊 🎵

"his love was so deep
it was like basking in warmth
Pure, golden warmth"


I'll be attending both VanCAF and TCAF this year! 😊 🌼

it's my boyfriend's birthday today 😊 🌼 This is his OC Achika 🧡

((sorry for the spam, I just wanted to delete "inktober" out of my posts))

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