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Hello! Might as well double up the 's tag with a proper . I'm Juby and I'm a Korean-born Canadian who draws a webcomic called Cut Time and well-dressed hotties from another project called A Witch's Cross. I enjoy astrology in that hilarious way and drawing my characters dancing. Drown me in 3-piece suits and shirt garters



(a little bit of inkwash to show off the pretty ink sample I got... and lost by knocking it over... LOL)

An ink of my friend Rem's character Hitomi from her webcomic Devil's Candy!

We're going to be streaming the countdown soon for the kickstarter, so come join us!


Countdown Stream:

I got a table commission to draw a hot OC in a suit and IDK what else I'd rather be drawing

a marker commission (of my character Rel) I did at a local con last weekend

throwback thaturday to 3 years ago, the one time I drew an FE character, for my good friend :if

a wip of a watch series because I really want my dream watch someday

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