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Ops... I didn't really make an introduction post like everyone else did lmfaoo.... Um, YEAH. My name is Tariah as you can see in my bio! I don't care about any pronouns like at all so call me what you feel. I LOVE JOJO..... BARA'S.... big juicy dudes in general and I need to draw more of them tbh. I love drawing fanart of whatever I'm into but I want to feel more comfortable with drawing OC's too haha. I love coloring but I dislike the lineart process 🤔? I cry over BARA'S too much! HA

Wipsajshsh. I've been playing FGO for the past few days and even though I don't know these dudes yet, but I already stan them.

Saw a tumblr post warning people that twitter might do the same thing as tumblr to artists, which yes, they very well might. The fediverse should prepare to accept new users, more art-themed servers might be good.

Wip.... I've always wanted to draw Suyohara's OC's.... He's one of my fav Bara artists lol. (Forgot to add tags ><)

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