Tonight Loa is taking over the stream, as I have a nasty headache inc!

He'll be continuing with some RimWorld shenanigans but with a new world!

Come hang out and keep him company tonight!

#twitch #gameing #gameingparty

Photo 3: Sunglasses from Cyberdog, Squirtle Pear Flavour Ocean Bomb drink, Maud Pie Blindbag figure, Daring Do Dazzle Funko Vinyl Figure, Black Rainbow Dash Blindbag figure

Photo 4: PSP-1003, Steam Link with Box, K9 toy

Photo 5: Game Boy Color, DMG Game Boy with Box

Photo 6: Applejack Blindbag figure, Pikachu Cider Flavour Ocean Bomb drink, Princess Celestia Funko Vinyl Figure

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I've been working on building a collection for myself. First photo is a general overview of what I've collected. Following photos will be closeups of everything.

Photo 2: Cyberman Voice Changing Helmet, Chicago Town Pizza Slice Shades, Blade Runner Game for Windows 98, Sonic Screwdriver Universal TV Remote, Classic Doctor Who on VHS.

(more photos in replies)

Hawt Ironside and Miekk adventuring in Guild Wars 2 together! Commissioned by my wonderful guildmates, ProudPlatypus and Mijans.

*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web

You can lead someone to #mastodon but you can't make them toot.

Just pulled this IBM TravelStar ATA/IDE hard drive out from an old Dell Latitude PP01L laptop I had laying around. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, though I may throw it into an older computer I have and attempt to install an older Windows version on it.

As is practically Christmas tradition here in the UK at this point, I also got a Lynx Africa (Axe to you Americans!) deodarant and body wash set. Lastly, I got a casual smart jumper. To finish off, here's a shot of everything I got. smna

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I suppose that I should get more active on this account. Tbh, I've not had many chances this year to take photos, I should be able to take some tomorrow and on NYE and NYD.

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