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I'm always trying to imagine how things would work in a 3D space but that's going too far.

Having some reality problems. Just thought to myself as I painted a drawing that I had to be extra careful colouring a roof as I didn't want all the paint to slide down on to the side of the building.

Cookie is getting chubby, so she's on a diet. I have to look into these eyes and tell her no, you can't have any more chunks in jelly. #TheStruggleIsReal

He came to cheer me up altho he also stripped me of the ability to get anything done :') he a good boi tho

Ah look at these lovely Jim Woodring drawings, love the textures and lines even though it hurts my hand just to look at them.

People are constantly asking me "Joe, what would it be like if a cowboy were to have a phone?" Well, for all the curious minds out there, I think it would look a little something like this.

Did my first Pokémon commission! This is @Aerdan 's dragon/fairy Eevveelution - with some elm and oak blossom.
I'm very happy with it, and now have a hankering to do more pokémon commissions

Some absolute chump is going to ink all these buildings with a dip pen and ruler.

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January 12
My shadow thief Klepto as a dragon!
Or more specifically, a dragon egg thief.

Comment on all drawings of Spiderman with "ah yes the Dark Knight." and all drawings of Batman with "Ol Webhead himself. "

Chibi dinosaurs: Carnivours (I believe Carnataurus, T-Rex, Ceratosaurus...correct me if I'm wrong) :blobcatcoffee:

Super Pig. I didn't intend to draw a pig but I had to admit it was, and then paint it pink.

Monkey type thing I made the 10th of January of 2018 shortly after attaining my cintiq.

#mastoart #art #digitalart #animal

It's the time again when I think about trying masking fluid again. I've not had much luck before but I'm seeing some people recommend Pebeo which is tempting me.

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