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I'm Joe, a Cartoonist and Illustrator from London, UK.

I make and my latest is Burrow, a comic about anxiety, procrastination and ooze.

My interests are and a lot of the other stuff humans like.

Perfect time for the non UK based to buy some comics or donate at my Kofi with this low pound I'm practically giving stuff away!

Pc problems 

Well looks like it wasn't a problem with the motherboard or cpu But probably a failing PSU. So now I'm buying a new PSU... hooray.

I've been waiting to get a new Motherboard & CPU all day but it hasn't arrived. This is bad as I need a new Motherboard & CPU but it is also good because I am scared of installing a new Motherboard & CPU.

Got the big boy grilling on the roof song stuck in my head again.

Hi, I'm Morganne! I'll do a # for anyone* willing to throw down $60 for 100x100 meticulously placed pixels.

*ALMOST anyone. No NFT's for sure though.

Image marked sensitive for eye contact so hopefully this is still an effective advertisement?

What's that you say? A new deck building game? *my ears prick up* With strategic card battling? *sweat starts to break on my forehead* It has Roguelike elements? *I burst off into the sky like a bottle rocket*

Not a royalist but 

I would gladly disband the monarchy, take back their land and cancel all this funeral bother.

Nintendo Direct 

Pikmin 4 announcement, date and title for Zelda and loads of farming games. 10/10 direct.

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Nintendo direct 

Don't like Octopath Traveller, everything looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting but with a load of brown.

Nintendo direct 

Pikmin 4 definitely gonna be announced.

Me when introduced to Galadriel: "I'm real g'lad to meet ya!".

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