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I always meant to do an so here it is:

I'm Joe, a Cartoonist and Illustrator from London, UK.

I make and my latest is Ambassador Protocol, a sci-fi adventure about a cleaning robot. I also love drawing different creatures and weird things.

My interests are and a lot of the other stuff humans like.

Hi, I'm Mandy. I've been working on an idea I'm developing into a comic named Wander. It follows the story of a tiny magic robot recovering his lost memories and the mystery of his missing friend.
With your support, I can work towards its launch!

I’ve been balancing the creation of Wander with my full-time day job. Money made from my KoFi goes towards two things! First, a Cintiq upgrade, and getting a website for Wander!

Tried the Splatoon 2 demo free week thing and it was pretty fun but I quickly became obsessed with Tetris 99 instead. Kind of tempted to get Nintendo online just for Tetris now.

Going to try an do a little linocut. Hopefully if I'm careful I won't ruin my hands.

I'm on to the second page now, but here is the first page of a little comic I'm doing. Going to neaten up and change a few things in Photoshop, but I'm pretty pleased.

This was inspired by me on weekends (it's funny because it isn't me on weekends)

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So here's a stupid idea - buff Obelix.
(it's stupid because the original design is flawless, fyi)

just before going to bed i:
turned out the lights
reached for my phone on my desk
plunged my hand straight in to an inkwell

Alright. Last of this dude for now. Time for sleeeeep.

Pretty happy that one of my brushes disintegrated after many years of service as it gives me an excuse to go to the fancy art supply shop.

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