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I always meant to do an so here it is:

I'm Joe, a Cartoonist and Illustrator from London, UK.

I make and my latest is Ambassador Protocol, a sci-fi adventure about a cleaning robot. I also love drawing different creatures and weird things.

My interests are and a lot of the other stuff humans like.

Hmmmrph might try and finish the comic I'm working on in time for an online comic fair in September. Should be possible but depends how much anxiety procrastination I can fight through.

I don't suppose someone wants to do an elaborate 3D sculpt of the complicated scene I've drawn so I can figure out where the shadows fall? Nope me neither.

Wheww it's hot. Procrastinating over a painting I'm working on but I'm blaming the weather.

Thinking of a new craft project. Gonna make a Hand of glory, being able to open any doors and freeze people in place could be fun. Just need the left hand of a hanged man to get started.

I've been looking at fantasy art from the 70s and 80s and I must admit I really love it. Great warriors with perms battling monsters.


Anyway as the saying goes: Double Vaxxed ready to play the Sax.

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So far my second dose of Astrazeneca has been pretty side effects free. The first time I was absolutely wiped out by now.

Wow... Nintendo just announced the Switch Pro and apparently it's me! It's because I'm so good at Paper Mario The Origami King.

A surprise treasure arrived - made by my Mum!

I think she was eager to make the game's first fan-art - I reckon she got it pretty spot on Ok hand

It'll be by my desk as I work on the game from now on.

show tonight with sam aleums! (boosts, yes) 


i am opening for @Aleums tonight! i will be djing on twitch from 7 to 8est on

i will be playing funk/yacht rock/citypop/whatever smooth thing sparks my fancy

at 8pm Sam will take over at for a live synth set

it'll be a fun night! pictured is my new two-camera stream setup for tonight!

Well that Eternals film looks really dull. Still good to see loads of awful British actors getting work *swells with pride*.

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