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I always meant to do an so here it is:

I'm Joe, a Cartoonist and Illustrator from London, UK.

I make and my latest is Ambassador Protocol, a sci-fi adventure about a cleaning robot. I also love drawing different creatures and weird things.

My interests are and a lot of the other stuff humans like.

Covid 19 stupid joke 

Hey! I remember when the only Brazilian mutant you had to worry about was Sunspot aka Roberto da Costa!

My first attempt at doing a little sculpture with some Sculpey pro. I used to do fimo monsters and the like when I was little so went straight to that when testing how to paint and sculpt with it.

Instead of buying Crypto Art you can just get something from me, then set fire to a tree and dump some cadmium into a local water source.

I painted these two a while ago, but I still like their colours a lot. The green is really intense and contrasts well against the less saturated backdrop. Saturation contrast is a great way of leading the eye. Painted in


Hey, this is for me. Please spread this around if you can. I can’t share this widely because my coworkers actively look at folks’ social media and snitch on them. So please give it a boost here!

That feeling of regret when you notice you didn't fully finish your cup of tea.

Come at me vampyres...

4 weeks drying in the shed. About 700 heads all up. Will plant about 2000 cloves this winter. These have all been pulled down and trimmed ready for long term storage or market. Finished that chore todayn

Anyone in the masto art world need/want some alcohol markers? I have this boatload collecting dust and rather them go to someone than and all that jazz.

They’re all double ended Spectrum Noir markers

Found an old sketchbook which has 4 panel borders on each page. Doing some low effort comic strips in them. This is Tall Cat.

Done a few low effort extremely stupid comic strips. Making stuff purposely rough stops me getting anxious and too precious about things.

I've been wanting to draw Myirdroth again and work on practicing a few things.

So far the most fun I had with this was working with perspective.

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