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I'm enjoying Cartoonist Kayfabe, two cartoonists going through old Wizard Magazines: super nerdy but also a good relaxing watch while doing something else.

I found what I thought was a piece of watercolour paper lying about but it turned out to be something weird that bled everywhere. I went crazy with the colour to compensate.

Thanks for the boosts on my Sloth print post yesterday. It has cheered me up despite the bleak weather in London.

Just put this giant monster sloth in the city print up for sale! It's an actual aquatint etching and it's already mounted up nice:

Bah! Why can't I find a working link to the first episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives? I need to know how the legend began!

Got Hippopotamus by Sparks stuck in my head. "Hipp-o-potamus there's a Hipp-o-potamus in my pool" over and over again. Only cure is to listen to more Sparks.

Thinking about selling some old Aquatint etchings of this giant sloth monster. I guess I'd describe them as "artist prints" as I didn't do any proper editioning on them. What do people think?

Drawing something for my niece's birthday. Baby/toddlers faces are tricky! I've had to go generic cute to avoid creepy old man.

If an in depth behind the scenes expose of Storage Wars/Storage Hunters was coming to the cinema, I'd be there opening day.

Kind of failed in the timing of finishing Ambassador Protocol. The two comic shops that I've stocked with before are full up and there doesn't seem to be any Comic/zine fairs in London for awhile.

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