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I always meant to do an so here it is:

I'm Joe, a Cartoonist and Illustrator from London, UK.

I make and my latest is Ambassador Protocol, a sci-fi adventure about a cleaning robot. I also love drawing different creatures and weird things.

My interests are and a lot of the other stuff humans like.

• Self-employed illustrator
• b.1990
• Cis (he/they)
• Brown
• Socialist
• Intersectional feminist
• Currently irritatingly nomadic - London/Sweden.

Interests/things I might post about
• Art/the arts
• Star Trek
• Non-Eurocentricity/genuine representation of it in arts/media
• My obsessive art/worldbuilding/poetry project:

If you wanna/can support me:

I'm ok at CW stuff but you can lemme know if I'm not

I was thinking my watercolour comic I'm working on had some lurid colours but then I read some Phillipe Druillet and I realised I was just playing in the shallow end.

The Purple Mountains(David Berman from The Silver Jews) album is great! Better than the last two Silver Jews LPs I think. Either way great to have some new stuff from him.

Hey, so...I lost my day job again, and so I made this poster while lookin' for illustration work. Retweet this if you can and spread it all over wherever you can manage. Thanks a million!


Je suis au chômage pour le moment, mais jai dessiné cette affiche comme une publicité pour mes services. S'il vous plaît, pensez à m'engager pour illustrer pour vous. Merci!

#art #illustration #bandedessinee #comicart #drawing #portrait

I painted a watercolour drawing for my brother's Birthday. Made him into a god worshiped by aliens.

Captain Haddock's jumper looks so comfy to me.

Been enjoying Mario Maker 2. I like making puzzle based levels which aren't too difficult, give me a follow if you like: 44C-GRS-3PF

Traditional paper animation assignment. There’s a few flaws but for the most part, I’m proud of how it came out!!

Hey Mastodon, I'm looking to invest in some VSTs to help the soundtrack of The Garden Path sound as full and as cinematic as possible.

You can currently pick up both my adventure games for just a buck.

All the money will go towards The Garden Path soundtrack (apart from the 10% I choose to support with).


Sometimes I think my phone is vibrating, but it actually just a load of blood rushing around in my thigh.

Wooh Mario Maker 2 is out soon, looking forward to making some Marios.

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