The Ocean is on fire.

An underwater pipeline has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile in Constanta, Romania:
The largest oil refinery of Eastern Europe is burning.

More dystopian images from the Baku offshore gas field, on the Caspian sea.

An aluminium alloy factory, next to Dengfeng coal power plant in China's Henan province, explodes due to floodwaters.

<< Extreme danger >> at as burning chemicals are poisoning the air.

Marmaris, Turkey.

One of the 13 ongoing fires burning in Turkey right now.

Fires are still raging next to the thermal power plant of Ören, Turkey.

The fire has now entered the power plant.
The district is being evacuated.
Ören coal plant is burning.

We're not prepared for this.


No clean air.
No clean water.
No electricity.

As the Ören coal plant burns down tonight, the fossil fuel infrastructure is leaving us in conditions that are no longer suitable for life.

Chevron is poisoning the air in California right now:
Oil flaring at Richmond refinery.

🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥


Climate change is amplifying droughts, strong winds and extreme weather events.

in Colorado.

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