Ok here's an issue I'm experiencing and I'd like to share.

Over the past weeks I've been increasingly concerned about the pandemic and spent hours a day tracking data and making scary simulations.

Now, days goes by and I feel like I've done nothing, appart from refreshing tabs.

Technology and access to data is supposed to increase our ability to think ahead, find strategies and react accordingly.

In this case, it just feels increasingly paralyzing.

Too many tabs
Too many screens
Too much data


I tend to forget it's paralysing by design: as clicks, scrolls and reloads generate data and ad revenues, our tech culture encourages screen time and immobility.

@leah @Joanie Is that projection mapping? If so, what software is used?

@Joanie amazing! Can't wait to see the tutorial! 😎 👍

@Joanie I saw the first part of the tutorial is online!

@RyuKurisu @Joanie There: joanielemercier.com/blog/

I was a little disappointed that it's using a projector, though. It's really beautiful, but I just don't have a projector at hand. Maybe I'll try illuminating it with LEDs in the background...

@phel @Joanie that's what I was thinking he did. Maybe worth considering: micro-leds? 🙂

@RyuKurisu @Joanie Well I guess... But I'm trying to use stuff I still have lying around, and currently that's... led strips haha

@Joanie Oh my god. I haven't seen something that beautiful and fascinating for a long while!

@Joanie Wow, this just looks awesome 😀
Very cool project!

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