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Recently I decided to drastically reduce plane travel at the studio.

This week, we have Art projects running in 4 cities simultaneously.

It did not involve a single flight. 🚫✈️

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Hoy en @IEuniversity@twitter.com, se inaugura la expisición ‘Montagne, Cent Quatorze Mille Polygones’ de @JoanieLemercier@twitter.com @fundacionTef@twitter.com dentro de @hayfestival_esp@twitter.com @SegoviaFestival@twitter.com con la que tenemos el gran placer de colaborar desde @FBSabadell@twitter.com. ¡No nos la perderemos!🙌🏽

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🔴¡Últimos días de !
🔴Hasta el 26 de septiembre

No te quedes sin conocer la obra de @JoanieLemercier@twitter.com, el artivista que aúna tecnología y reflexión ambiental, y nos acerca la poesía de la naturaleza al centro de Madrid ✨🤍


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Just randomly found this picture of @Stromae@twitter.com at my first gallery show in Brussels ❤️

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The drive was very gloomy.

In this part of Germany, coal is burning everywhere, the whole region has been turned into a wasteland by a coal company: RWE.

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Wrap the 🥑 seed into wet tissue paper. 🧻💦

Put it in a sealed reusable ziploc.

Place the bag in a dark space (ie: drawer) for 4 weeks.


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This series is an exploration of shattered geometric shapes, materials blown into fragments, explosions frozen in time...

It is inspired by the controversial book "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" by Andreas Malm.

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These NFTs are not just JPGs.

It's SVGs files and includes all the source code and vector data to recreate the plotter drawings, if originals are ever damaged, lost or stolen.


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