All the placeholder objects are ready, now is time for a lot of polishing, UV mapping and texture projection, you can also check more and better images on

1 of 3 polishing model, UV unwrap and Normal/AO maps projection done.

The maps needs some little polishing in PS but is nicely done, I think this is the more complex of the 3 art parts.

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Now online the first part of the Coffee Shop timelapse: Coffee Shop P1. High Poly - Modeling with Maya ☕️

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3 of 3 polishing and UV unwrap texture baking is finally over, maybe this weekend I start with the hand paint texture, meanwhile enjoy this incomprehensible yellow object.

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The Coffee Shop second Timelapse is now available on Here I did some polishing to the Structure, Objects and Engine creating the final low poly mesh, creating the UV maps and baking Normal/AO. ☕️🚀

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@JoKeR If you are asking about the number of polys today is a really ambiguous number and depends of the project that number.

The idea of this model or all my model if create models optimized for game engines with good topologies and I consider those low poly models they are not for video production and they are not over kill models for realtime scenarios with a great look.

@aenderlara You talking with someone who hasn't played newer games.
I'm a huge fan of the first Unreal Tournament and retro games in general... therefore is this model already high poly for me 😋
Your model looks really great.

@JoKeR hehe thanks, yeah usually I have this question is really hard and weird to answer, I think nobody really know right now what a low poly is talking about poly count. xD

To give you an idea overwatch has between 25k-45k tris per character. ❤️ Love that models.

@JoKeR In my case I really love to preserve details so I add some extra polys in some areas, but if a clients need a certain number is not a issue.

Right now the model has 62k tris. 😅

@aenderlara I was once the leader of a modder team for UT99 and we made the Food Fight weapon mod.
I was responsible for the testures and worked close together with the modeller whom I created the model-sheets for the weapons.
This was the outcome


@aenderlara I just re-read it.
I did mean "textures" not testures this even a word?

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