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btw. NEW PAGE!
I forgot to toot here as well.

And as a little thank you, a blooper of the last panel.
Left, how it looks now and right how it looked in sketch phase.
Nirrod is goofing around... out of context.

I totally forgot that I have still an account on farcebook running for promoting my comic.

It was never useful and annoying with all its "boost that, pay this" stuff.

Finally I disabled the account.

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For my animation preproduction class. They're going to be characters in my animation.

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Digitized and finished my doodle of Frisk and Flowey, here's the time lapse and finished versions. ❤️

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Last four days of from last week.

Stopped challenges for now, planning on doing more in November.

My only advice, when using references:

Draw what you see and not what there is.

@Curator What would be lovly to have on MastoArt.
A translation function like on the Birdpage.
So many awesome artists from other regions ...but I can't understand them.

Yes I could use google translate ...but it's google. 😑

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