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Woah maaaaaan ... I was so long not active here.

I had throttled the upload to to get more time and finish a few pages before I reach the last page, I uploaded on Smackjeeves.

It's a bummer that SJ went down the drain. But CF is awesome in it's own way.

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"Does the fire still burn?"

"Yes, my queen," I lied.

Her face unwrinkled a little, blind eyes closing, "My children will arrive soon then."

"Yes, my queen," I lied again.

The queen had forgotten much, and lost much more. Love and loyalty kept what remained of us by her side.

"If the fire ever goes out..."

"Yes, my queen?"

Whispering, she entrusted me with the secret, to pass on to her youngest.

In her name, I will reignite the flame.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Other places you can find me: webcomic: destination of that URL will be changed to instead to SJ twitter: mastodon: discord: ... 6243630091 Katran's own Discord channel.

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Now is Smack Jeeves turning into a webtoontapas clone. Everyone who followed me all those years, please note this link to my new Host. Please visit and say hello.

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Because of drastic changes on Smack Jeeves is Katran moving to another host. No custom Layout, no custom pages, No PMs and no Forum, some shady payment system, no subscribing to get rid of the ads on one's own comic page.

If I want my comic on webtoons or tapas ...I would have uploaded it there.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it
btw. NEW PAGE!
I forgot to toot here as well.

And as a little thank you, a blooper of the last panel.
Left, how it looks now and right how it looked in sketch phase.
Nirrod is goofing around... out of context.

I totally forgot that I have still an account on farcebook running for promoting my comic.

It was never useful and annoying with all its "boost that, pay this" stuff.

Finally I disabled the account.

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For my animation preproduction class. They're going to be characters in my animation.

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Digitized and finished my doodle of Frisk and Flowey, here's the time lapse and finished versions. ❤️

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Last four days of from last week.

Stopped challenges for now, planning on doing more in November.

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