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found out during this dnd session that eddie's big brother is alive. Decided to give him long hair to imagine what he looks like nao

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hi all!! i'm new to mastodon and i'd like to get to know some people! my name is vinn or mari, and i like to draw ! i love fantasy stuff \o/

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This is a scratchboard piece, “Devotion”, which recently sold at the Camberwell Art Show.

Scratchboard is a fine layer of black ink over a white clay base; you scratch the black layer away to reveal the highlights. I used a scalpel blade but I’m considering giving tattoo needles a go next time.

This is based on a beautiful reference photo by Terri Bauer.

# wildlifeart

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gonna redo my intro since ive been gone a while and deleted everything, I'm zheida and i like to draw lots of fantasy ocs. im heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime and uhhh!!! i do a lot of world building but not sure how much of that i will post here hdf

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#Blender is a free open tool for creating many kinds of 3d and 2d animations. They are on the Fediverse! 👍

You can follow their Mastodon account at @Blender

They have a PeerTube channel which you can follow at @blender

They also make free open movies, the latest of which is "Spring" (2019). You can watch it here:

#Alternatives #Animation #Movies #Films

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Just kinda posting this here because of some negative experience I've had with Mastopeeps in the past. Fortunately it's never been anyone from .art and it's been a while since I got harassed.

But honestly, if you don't like my pin-up art, you can mute/block me and my feelings won't be hurt. Unless someone is breaking actual rules/laws there is no excuse to call them out just bc you personally don't like it.

I'm JoKeR (real name) from Germany and I'm a character and concept artist. I'm also experienced in texture creation for games.

Forgot to mention it here ... shoot!
I had a steam running today.

The background shading is completely done. Now is the character shading left and lettering.

Stream is over! Thank you for watching!!
I got nearly the whole linework done.

Now it 5:37 in the Morning here ...good night.

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