selfie, makeup, no ec 

Fuck it
*mushrooms your girl*

Academic, achievement, proud 

I got into the National Honor Society! I was scared I wouldn't make it but I did! My induction was today so it's official now.

I might post the certificate later

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so uh I just found out that Death made a song called Out of Touch and uhhhh,,,,, I may or may not have made something cursed

it's out of touch thursdays nyall

Mike Wazowski gif made with Pixel Studio on android. first time trying any pixel art so i think it turned out okay! boosts appreciated, thoughts and constructive criticism welcome!

I need glasses so bad. Why, you ask? It's simple: pass my classes, watch subbed anime, and most importantly- see pretty girls

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if you don't stim, for any reason at all, why would you think it's yours to do in public in order to 'show solidarity' with someone who actually can't help it. that's so uncomfortable

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its not "stealing ur blanket", its redistributing the means of seepy cosy

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