I'll give Inktober a shot. drawing something small in the evening can't be that bad for a month... I hope

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It is October, which mean I'm back from the dead trying to do Inktober (however, I am not following the themes, simply doing one ink art piece a day is a feat in itself for me *-*)

Here is a skeletal warrior! Ink on paper (construction guides with pencil)!

Still working on my sci-fi sketchbook. Found a lokel drawing group, which has some kickass artits. Really nice to have people around to draw with. :bob_ross:

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#Introductions p1: My @ ziix is from the Seri indigenous people that I heard first about in stories as a kid growing up from relatives

"ziix" means "thing" & is also used before stating a thing: ie compass is "ziix hant iic iihca quiya" (literally, "thing that knows where places are")" or
radio is "ziix haa tiij coos" (literally, "thing that sitting there sings") -wikipedia

I make THINGS 🤓 & always loved the creative & imaginative #smallstories in the definitions 👆😄

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So, installing a server isn't too bad. I wish I could share your login from here with it but that's minor annoyance. DrawPile coming this weekend.

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So is there anybody here who can successfully host a Drawpile session or knows tricks, tips, and workarounds (or knows an alternative to Drawpile)? Lately I have the kind of internet connection that doesn't allow anyone to join even after I opened ports.

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Hey y’all! Welcome to .design! I’m also @Curator & I call this instance home (run/own both). You can make invites for friends but please help keep this place fun yet professional, constructive & positive. Curator federates us & will boost what you need to our small but growing instance. The best way to find folks is to follow is to go to a large instance & view hashtag feeds like:
Say hi anytime & if you have knowledge in CSS or graphics & want to help create a theme too

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