Still working on my sci-fi sketchbook. Found a lokel drawing group, which has some kickass artits. Really nice to have people around to draw with. :bob_ross:

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#Introductions p1: My @ ziix is from the Seri indigenous people that I heard first about in stories as a kid growing up from relatives

"ziix" means "thing" & is also used before stating a thing: ie compass is "ziix hant iic iihca quiya" (literally, "thing that knows where places are")" or
radio is "ziix haa tiij coos" (literally, "thing that sitting there sings") -wikipedia

I make THINGS 🤓 & always loved the creative & imaginative #smallstories in the definitions 👆😄

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So, installing a server isn't too bad. I wish I could share your login from here with it but that's minor annoyance. DrawPile coming this weekend.

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So is there anybody here who can successfully host a Drawpile session or knows tricks, tips, and workarounds (or knows an alternative to Drawpile)? Lately I have the kind of internet connection that doesn't allow anyone to join even after I opened ports.

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Hey y’all! Welcome to .design! I’m also @Curator & I call this instance home (run/own both). You can make invites for friends but please help keep this place fun yet professional, constructive & positive. Curator federates us & will boost what you need to our small but growing instance. The best way to find folks is to follow is to go to a large instance & view hashtag feeds like:
Say hi anytime & if you have knowledge in CSS or graphics & want to help create a theme too

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#dailySketchChallenge #MastoArt
OK artsy folk!
time to sharpen your tools again, the Daily Sketch Challenge is going to be back in september.
And then, every two month (as @Ayior is going to be busy becoming the best future of art, i snatched it off her hands for some time 😜)
Remember that it's not about producing masterpieces, but about practicing everyday, improving, sharing and HAVING FUN!

I made it a habit to always carry a tiny sketchbook with me that my sister gave me for my birthday some years ago. I use it only for drawing from life but I still find it really difficult to just sketch in public and ignore that people start watching.

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With Wandering Steps and Slow

An older piece for my project, The Sin of Man.

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I'm not much of a coder but I can boost 🔃 your like a :bob_ross: superhero & follow server tutorials to host y'all here. I did enjoy making the copy & other features :gargron: uses for your tootsuite :mastodon: :

"Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community"

...invite your friends to or host your own!
Others * are welcome to use my sub.*domains @,,, or 🤣 w or self-hosted

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The July #DailySketchChallenge has finished. In the absence of another daily challenge, I invite artists and writers to join the #MorganSketchChallenge based on Morgan's Tarot.

There are 88 cards, and I'll post the next one at around 0400 UTC each day (midnight US east coast). The sequence I'll use is here:

Sketches, cartoons, digital/hand-drawn, photos, poems, stories are all welcome!

Please tag your posts:

Please boost!

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If you're an artist using and you haven't been interviewed on yet and you want to, please send a mail message to!

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