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Ok, this will be my only acknowledgement of yesterday's apparently most memorable event: day 16 topic is "VICTORY!"

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day 14: old and wise, or q you g know-it-all, versed in ancient rolls or modern cyphers, it is the SCHOLAR.

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You know, if they asked me, I'd tell them you'd be unable to pull off day 13. Because that's what they would expect me to say. But deep inside, I have FAITH in you all.

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day 12: frightening, disturbing, amazed, mesmerizing, lovstruck, alien, somewhere from Kubrick to Marty Feldman... The STARE.


The two handed axe is just for decoration and serves as a glorified walking stick... he is a giant and just kicks things... he is really good at that!
even if you survived the kick, the smell of his feet is paralysing

the giant is also almost nude.

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Albert @aaribaud misspelled the tag, so in case anyone missed it, he says (with corrected tag):

#DailySketchChallenge day 10: a sign of power, of wealth, of love, of craftsmanship, sometimes discreet, sometimes less so, of gold, silver, copper, bronze, unadorned or encrusted with gems or diamonds... I'd like to see your most beautiful JEWELRY, please. #MastoArt #Art

a little late with the upload, I shall do better in the future!... maybe

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Magicians for a great summoning, heroes for an epic adventure, soldiers for a decisive battle, lovers for the rest of their lives, families for meals, old schoolmates for no discernable reason, artists for day 9: the REUNION.


Water... Waterwheel... they are a team and achieving things

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day 8

It was hot today. Has been for days on end. I need WATER! Draw me some water!


a little late to this DSC.... but it is never too late for trying I suppose

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day 5: seen from the inside, the front, or above, greater than the sum of its parts or worse then the worst of its members, and so big anyway that it has a life of its own, the


is today's topic.

Pretty busy the last couple of days. Hopefully I'll have a little more time soon, so I can give the buildings a bit more story.

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Conditions: Currently, portraits would be for practice and free. I have to carve out time drawing / painting, so I may take some time. Also I'd like to be free to share the result. If that's okay with you, please feel free to contact me via DM!