The sunbringer brings the solution... in one way or another

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A simple question. A simple answer. A wild ride through and through.
(Referring to the top answer)

Well I can't pass on that topic. Here is a another vacuum cleaner turned into a robot!


Robot that looks like vacuum (designed after a vauum actually) but doesn't clean by itself (the noise is still there. Constantly.)

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You know what?
I was really expecting to toot the first #DailySketchChallenge topic, i always am😊
And i'm late 😝
Anyway... today's topic is STAND.

Now, go write, sketch, compose, whatever inspires you, share and HAVE FUN!

digital exploration of a previous sketch. I really should consider taking the rules of perspektiv more serious in the future. maybe.

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1 week before the #Dailysketchchallenge starts anew.
I know you've missed it. And you know it too 😝
So get yourself ready, and SPREAD THE WORD!

I can finally share some stuff that I worked on in past 6 month. Illustration done for a mobile game.

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2019-0101 doodle. (WIP) My original character, Zombie master Bella (from vampire story) and Mercenary Lambda (from sci-fi story).

That guy started as a dwarfen king... now he looks more like a scoundrel with braiding obsession.
If he is lucky I might return and finish the painting and then he shall be a king again (maaaybe)

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