I'm reading up on more shenanigans happening in the industry on the Bird Site - now apparently with Valiant comics not paying their creators royalties.

It's so common that I'm not even surprised. Just *tired*.


Y'know while I was away from Mastodon for a bit, I co-founded an Association that is trying to help comic creators. We're almost 400 members strong now - so if you're reading this and you're a fellow creator, you can read our Code of Conduct and Mission Statement below, then join us here: discord.gg/sKDrf8Q

@Sorl The post this is a reply to may be of interest to you?

@JenJen woah this is amazing!! is it okay to join even if I just illustrate?

@dreamcore thank you! Are you a comic artist? So, illustrating comics? If so, you are very welcome aboard! We're an association made by comic creators for other comic creators, be it writers, editors, letterers etc! You just gotta be makin dat comic goodness :star_eyes:

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