GOOD EVENING. Mayhaps you are one of my lovely friends/followers who wonders why the heck I'm a fan of pro-wrestling, and why it's such a popular thing in the first place when it's FAAAaaaAAAKeeeEEE?

Do yourself a favour and watch this amazing video about it! (plus from 19:50 onwards I basically cried, soooo yeah)

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@JenJen Just recently I was enlightened about how pro wrestling got it right *because* the violence is fake, ppl not actually getting hurt or dead. I'll check out the video, thx.

@JamesC Yeah! The level of TRUST and skill required to do pro-wrestling is mad! It's like a co-op theatre piece with punches :D

@JenJen It's impressive. I never paid much attention to it until I followed this guy on the birdsite that does super serious war related work but also posts pro wrestling vids! Gained an appreciation for the talent and athleticism.

@JenJen have you seen the Netflix series Glow (Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling). So coooooool

@JenJen I'm watching this video there: Because, let's face it, Youtube is the Twitter of video sharing, with all the horrible comments under every video, even the most harmless ones...

Oh, and I remember loving pro wrestling as a kid. And I understand the good time people spend watching it.

@JenJen That was really interesting and nice. Thanks.

@JenJen The Omega/Ibushi storyline still gives me goosebumps.

It meant so much to both of them and it went on for years. The skills, the emotion, the kinship between two cultures...


@Are0h I think it's quite possibly the best wrestling storyline ever? Because of the FEELINGS

@JenJen It really might be. THE GOLDEN LOVERS?

It has EVERYTHING. Violence, drama, heartbreak, love...

It's damn near perfect. And it just so happens two of the greatest talents the wrestling game has ever seen.

@JenJen isn't it staged and isn't that different from fake? Why should it be considered different from plays or movies?

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