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Hi Mastodon peeps! ❀️
I'm Jen, a comicatrix working in the UK indie scene 😻

PATREON (pays the bills and keeps me fed):





SKAL webcomic:

JENSPIRATION webcomic (hiatus):

KO-FI β˜•οΈ

Looks like there's a new thing called that seems like an instagram alternative? Dunno about you guys, but I got a bit of a social media platform exhaustion. Can't be everywhere πŸ˜₯

... but here's Ruffles:

Good moorning Tootie-Dooties!
Here's the current progress on that next Skal comic page... still quite a bit to go. :mastohi:

Hello! I'm now open for ! Most details are included in the images below, but please visit my website for more information. You can also DM me with questions! I have *4* slots available, but if I receive a particularly large commission I will close early.

Boosts appreciated, thank you!

✨ KO-FI:

It’s Emerald City Comic Con time again! From March 1st-4th 2018, I will be in Seattle at the Iron Circus Comics booth (212) at ECCC. I will be selling O Human Star books and goods as always, but I will also be showing off an extensive preview of Meal, my graphic novel coming in fall 2018. You can also find me at the downtown Seattle Public Library on Thursday March 1st at 12:45 pm where I will be on a roundtable about LGBTQ graphic novels. See you there!

My is about to allow my to ACTUALLY. CHANGE. CLOTHES. For like.. the first time in 6 years 😭 I can't cope with the hype I'm feeling!


My lovely friend Steve Tanner is kickstarting book 3 of Flintlock over here!

Deffo go and have a look if you're into pirate queens and supporting small press UK creators. We are a thiiirsty bunch 😝

Jellyfish girl while trying out my new Daler Rowney Aquafine tubes :) and some masking fluid too, which I haven't used in forever...

Greetings, honoured GHOULS AND GOBBOS! I thought it would be nice to do a small raffle to celebrate my followers!

You have a chance to win a bust portrait of your OC, in a style similar to the images below - *you must provide appropriate references*! If you're a follower and you boost this status, I'll count it as an entry!

I'll announce the winner on *March 7th*. Have fun! πŸ“£

Having a very slow start today and feeling quite guilty for it. But things aren't flowing so far, so my guess is that this work day will be more *work* than fun.

Let's command our subscribirbs TO THEIR EMBARRASSING DEATHS in XCOM2!

my student, via e-mail: I was lost, but I finally found your office.
me, alone in my office: Is that so?

And here's the scan of the warmup painting done on stream this morning! is awesome :D

And here's the scan of the warmup painting done on stream this morning! is awesome :D

THIS WEDNESDAY at 6pm GMT I will be the Commander of my sub-squad in XCOM2! (it's also the first gaming stream I'm attempting, so... gulp) If you wanna join the squad, become a sub over at! Or just come and watch me be hecking terrible!

Thanks for joining us this morning! (Will scan once it's dry)