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Hi Mastodon peeps! ❀️
I'm Jen, a comicatrix working in the UK indie scene 😻

:tentaluv: PATREON (pays the bills and keeps me fed):
:star_eyes: COMIC SHOP:
:needle: CREATIVE TWITCH (affiliate)
✨ SKAL webcomic:
πŸ™€ JENSPIRATION webcomic (hiatus):

Basically, Our bedroom got a bonus waterfall feature out of the lightfitting this morning ;P Soooo.. Today's been FUCKED.

Did a quick open patreon post about my 4 year Patreon Anniversary, which is todayyy! Yaaay! Love you guys and thank you for supporting me! An ACTUAL anniversary post will come soon!

A new By Man and Angels page is up for my patrons! Thank you! (Also includes a satisfying pose that I made my Husbeard do IRL for reference) ONLY 3 PAGES LEFT OF THIS FIRST ISSUE

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A new By Man & Angels page is up! Thank you so much patrons! Only a few pages left of this first issue and then we're taking it to print! 😱

Uploaded a NSFW doodle (because of dem beef curtains!) over on my patreon!

Finger censoring is best censoring!

Lady ink drawing work in progress.

CW: She ain't wearing any pants!

Added 3 more of my original wrasslin' paintings to my etsy shop!

Slowly listing my originals :'D Let's start inking a comic book page after a night of little sleep! Today feels like *work*, but we GOTTA DO IT

I've just donated a small amount to Sunrise USA to help the crisis in Syria. You can too:

Here is a list of many different orgs that are currently helping:

evening cooldown doodle of the peeps XD Just because they've been brilliant this past week! Time for my 'Sorry I was dead on monday' bonus stream! Join us in the art dungeon as we paint a spread from The Anxiety Society!

Ruffles loves disco so much he pukes on it :star_eyes: