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In case you want some of my comics for FREE :squee:

You can read my ongoing fantasy webcomic here:

And you can get free tasters of my erotic-comics here:
and on the top of my work page here:

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If you want to toss a coin to your friendly local Comicatrix, you can do so through Ko-Fi!

:tentaluv: :tentaluv:

Shibari rough sketch with a bit of a side-boob 

Something small and exclusive is in the works... :artaww:

I really loved doing the ink-wash for the sky - just a shame that this will not scan well at all, so I guess RIP comic page sky:

I would send this to the taoist group chat if it wouldn't make them lose all respect for me :artsits:

I've done a quick life/schedule/upcoming kickstarters update over on my Patreon and Studio!
Thank you for supporting me!

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painted nipples belonging to a cheeky absinthe fairy 

Off to the post office now! Thank you again for being patient with me - I'm still dealing with aches from the procedure, so I'm a bit slow, but in better news, THIS is the last smutty absinthe fairy print I've got and it won't be reprinted anytime soon:

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I have just discovered the existence of #Skal, a #webcomic (I would call it a #graphicNovel but let's use the term chosen by the author) with beautiful watercolors and a captivating story:

And the author @JenJen is on #Mastodon too!

We haven't slept at all due to doggo being sick all night, but here's another finished Skal page -


When your husbando-chan makes your first ever youtube thumbnail and makes sure that it is PEAK youtube 😂

I did a First Impressions of Copic Opaque White - all live on twitch and then edited to this shorter vid that you can find here if you're curious:

💫 💫

Had a lot of fun playing with new brushes and paper!
List of tools and some more progress pics can be found on my patreon/members studio 😻

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Thank you for the shop orders! My Hardbacks are now SOLD OUT and I only have 2 Skal Issue 2 paperbacks left (so the Skal Bundle Deal currently sits on 1 left to make sure I have the stock for it!)

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