I iz live right now on , about to launch my Ooooo >:D

Come join us as my dog presses a button: twitch.tv/jeninator

Literally testing to see if I can upload pics again. It hasn't allowed me to add any gifs or videos for a couple days 😭

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Wanted to add some flavour to the kickstarter toot, but it won't allow me to attach anything 😝

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Want to get notified when my next comic Kickstarter goes live? Slither over here:
πŸ’€kickstarter.com/projects/jenni πŸ’€

Anyone else having issues uploading pics?

Apologies for slithering away for a couple of days or so....

... I may have been working solidly on my next comic kickstarter πŸ˜‚

"Promenad" has been sent off for review...

Y'know while I was away from Mastodon for a bit, I co-founded an Association that is trying to help comic creators. We're almost 400 members strong now - so if you're reading this and you're a fellow creator, you can read our Code of Conduct and Mission Statement below, then join us here: discord.gg/sKDrf8Q

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I'm reading up on more shenanigans happening in the industry on the Bird Site - now apparently with Valiant comics not paying their creators royalties.

It's so common that I'm not even surprised. Just *tired*.

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THANK YOU to the people who've subscribed to my site since we launched last month :star_eyes: Just got an email from wix saying they're transferring this month's dosh 😻
I've sent out discount codes for my shops and will be going through the declutter-give-away today!
❀️ jenniegyllblad.com/membersonly ❀️
(For anyone who wants to chuck me a couple of coins on a monthly basis, but don't fancy Patreon/Paypal - Check out my members only area)

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A little brake from inking, did a digi-doodle to keep my muscle brain able at this πŸ˜…

#mastoart #art #krita

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