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Links above show how I make a lot of my living and how you can support my nonsense if you wish! πŸ‘†
Links below are more socialz and webcomic things! πŸ‘‡
✨ SKAL webcomic:
πŸ™€ JENSPIRATION webcomic (hiatus):

Thanks for joining the morning ! These gotta dry and then I'll safetyscan them before continuing!

Good morning! Have some trash-comic-deadline-Jen (and a non-trashy Ruffles)


Painting . Rock n roll weekend! Will prolly work on these on the 10am stream tomorrow.

Rubbish sleep. Woke up first at like 4am when Ruffles decided to have a shouting match with a raven outside, and then again at 6am from a dream about a family member who's passed away.
Let's try to salvage this day with some nice morning coffee :coffee_mug:

Thank you so much for the sales! I'm gonna be getting so much exercise walking to my post office and back 😝

Out with the old, in with the new! Once these prints are sold, they won't be reprinted!

Oh btw, just to let you know: I am looking to discontinue my older comic-character to make way for new , so once these following prints have been sold, they're gone! Some have already sold out (thank you!!) and will be posted today!

A new By Man & Angels page is up for my patrons! Aw-aw-awooooooo.... 😭

Surprise quick art stream to refocus my scatterbrain and fight RSI by inking some wrestling fanart!

Finished paint job! Had to go through 5 different paint jobs before i settled with this one. Finally finished tho and time to add some horns and straps πŸ‘

Met some good derps today, thanks for letting me drop by and bug you 😊🌸

Doing line art makes me want to cry