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Links above show how I make a lot of my living and how you can support my nonsense if you wish! 👆
Links below are more socialz and webcomic things! 👇
✨ SKAL webcomic:

Suggestive painting of catgirl playing with what looks like a sextoy - No real nudity though! 

Two new By Man & Angels pages on my patreon because I love you and now I must go lie down to stew in my own Virus Anxiety.

GOOD MORNING - Come and be Locked Down with me in about 30 mins over here: I'll be inking comic pages for a couple of hours as usual!

One of my friends got the virus too (they've recovered thankfully, but fuuckk).

Just... Stay safe people. This stuff ain't no joke :/

Been doing some fanarty sketches to try to stay sane these past few days. It's been stressful with the whole virus thing. Am thinking about vulnerable family members who're in a different country and I literally can't do anything to help them.

ANYWAY. is fun XD

Preppin' to stream in 10 minutes! In case you need to hang out for a couple of hours and just watch/listen to someone making comics ❤️

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Grateful for all the orders helping me distract myself with manual labour's very needed right now

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