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Links above show how I make a lot of my living and how you can support my nonsense if you wish! πŸ‘†
Links below are more socialz and webcomic things! πŸ‘‡
✨ SKAL webcomic:

~Remaining Jenitales: Rough Hex Stock is LIVE on my shop now!~

:tentaluv: Did you miss the Kickstarter and want to get your hands on 90+ pages of smut? Here's your chance!

:tentaluv: There's also a limited set of waxed prints that won't be reprinted once they're gone!

Slowly putting together the cover to the collected hardcover edition of :tentaluv: 😻

I've put up the remaining Jenitales: Rough Hex stock for my patrons (with some sneaky discounts) to give them first dibs before it all goes up on Etsy later this week:

Let's catch up on sketch requests!

also there is a dog - and bonus builders

Let's pack up a bunch of smut comics on stream! WOW - EXCITING

Also there is dog

Surprise fundraising twitch stream because life is HILARIOUS in 2020!

Sorry I'm quiet on here btw. Hahahaaaa~~ THINGS are happening IRL, so social media time is a bit restricted atm.


Let's try to work as normal for a couple of hours!

Painting Jenitales and there's also a dog. YOU KNOW THE DRILL.

Elder pooch is sick - we haven't slept for two days - let's make art?

Let's make By Man & Angels ART SHIT on stream! (Last day of kickstarter and my DAILY STREAM CHALLENGE)


Also there is a poor sick elder dog

We are on stream, making a silly little thing for a very special boi - Come join us for a lil while why dontcha!

Also there's a dog
and there's a kickstarter that's about to be done, omg wow

A patreon update is up for mah lovely patrons! A By Man & Angels page - some art and some LIFE. As always, thank you for the support!

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