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Links above show how I make a lot of my living and how you can support my nonsense if you wish! 👆
Links below are more socialz and webcomic things! 👇
✨ SKAL webcomic:

work in progress ink featuring some upskirt Show more

YES IT IS. What a shocker!? Anyway I'll be on for a couple of hours if you wanna hang out 😆

Aw yiiissssssss ~~
Finally taken some much needed admin time and submitted two more to my account 😻 Slowly building a library of my own digital comics there....

Dat feel when you're having to explain trans rights to family before you've even had breakfast

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Commence the Endgame for Magic: the Gathering

30x40", oils on canvas

Auctioning this one off. Current bid is at $8k:

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:brain1: wake me up
:brain2: (wake me up inside)
:brain3: I can't wake up
:brain4: (wake me up inside)
:brain5: saaaave meeeeee
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Otherwise, just keep on inspiring the :fediverse: with your amazing art! Thank you!

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The mail came!
And I got a package from the wonderful @anaisfae !

Thanks a ton, the art is incredible and the pin is beautiful.

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Sorry for cancelled stream yesterday! Here's me inking comics for the next 2 hours to hopefully make up for it!

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Messy painting of Lin from the game getting back in the groove~

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