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Bedtime drawing in situ. Black ink abstract line drawing on white marker paper My anti-scrolling activity.

Ink drawing of prescription meds on my dining room table, with salt shaker, pepper mill, hand sanitizer, glasses case, and a few other items. On Arches watercolor paper.

Drawn while waiting in line for my meds at the drive-thru pharmacy.

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Human and beast having a serious talk about catastrophes of mutual concern . . .

"Birdbear." Did then when I was first starting to switch from painting to drawing. I'm mostly self-taught but I started out painting and never fully explored drawing, which is what I've been doing now since the pandemic hit. and

Bedtime drawing; reclaiming my pre-sleep and post-sleep time back from social media scrolling; replacing that with drawing and writing by hand.

"Crossroads." 18 x 18 x .75 in. Acrylics, acrylic (graphite) ink, and ink (pen) on wood panel. Rule-based art, using geomancy as the deciding factor. I tossed dice to get 4 geomantic figures. The figures in turn determined the 4 main elements that would be in this art work. I decided the colors and background strokes.

7/31/2021 Issue of Eulipion Outpost is up! Topics from bedtime doodles to lucid dreaming, Las Cholitas, artists who write, etc.

Bedtime doodle. Ink and marker on paper, to accompaniment from or the Internet Archive's Audio files. What I do to counter the tendency to scroll thru my Android ph. before sleep.

Latest issue of Eulipion Outpost is up. Thinking about , , archives, kapwa, production, and pencils.

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Rule-based Geomancy piece. A dice throw gave me: 1) Acquisitio (cups), 2) Puer (boy = red), 3) Rubius (red= red square), and 4) Tristitia (sorrow = diagonal line) -- Simplifications of much more complex readings. But they determine the main elements of the image. Added up they produce the final figure: Puer (not the tea!) - the name of this piece. The figure relates to youthful, firey, and active energy. & on bristol, 6 x 6 in.

OK it's 3:01 and I'm still in pajamas. But I was productive, I made applesauce with actual apples.

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