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PS - this track was written set to a stop motion video of Christmas figurines -

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Delivering gifts to everybody in the world in one night - it's a little crazy. How can one get everywhere that fast? It takes more than a sled - it takes a locomotive. Moving with nutty speed and determination, the gift-giving train will not stop until all the good children have received their reward.

Featuring choir, bells, upright bass, and woodwinds, all from Spitfire Audio LABS and BBC Symphony Orchestra.


One note suffices

piano stream highlights. Next week I ought to try some proper classical.

Tomorrow for my live piano stream, I'll be playing "One Note Samba", "Only Trust Your Heart", and wherever my fingers take me from there.

The truth is out there - but is it essential? And is external hope a quixotic concern, a remote matter? Harmonious incongruities provide fertile inquiry, but dubious outcomes.

Featuring electric guitar, cello, dulcimer, pots, whistle, bass clarinet, viola harmonics, shakers, synth pads, percussion, irradiated piano, and household items.


minor funny oceans

piano stream highlights. Next week I'll probably do some samba/bossa.

Now - piano stream playing in the key of C minor (mostly, probably).

Tomorrow for my live piano stream, I'll be playing things in C minor. This means my brain will go to My Funny Valentine, Mortal Kombat, and other things.

What one supposes supposedly supports surrumptory insights. Yet, an assertion of relative lack of an already supposed situation sheds a shine of absence on a subject. That is to say - sometimes something is less of what it never was. Scary stuff.

Featuring unaccompanied clarinet with creative reverb.


Tomorrow I will do my usual live piano stream - currently noodling on a mix of Ron Carter's "Little Waltz" and Tears for Fears "Mad World" (with the occasional interruption from Debussy), so, we'll see where that lands.

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First study of my new Bossa-slap-technique. So far I haven't heard any #Bossa being played on the #guitar with clap (i.e. #percussive or #drum elements). Except maybe of Eirik Glambek Bøe of Kings of Convenience, who hits the fingernails on the strings to simulate a #snare. But here I also use my pinky to simulate a #tom.
Btw. the #lyrics are my translation of "Insensatez".

Can a storm be stolen? With adequate stealth, strength and stamina - perhaps. A stoic storm-breaker, sans suncatcher, staying stably centered in the eye, saying spells presaging superstitious sorcery. A squall! Such sundries shall beseech a stolen storm.

Featuring orchestral woodwinds, brass, strings, synth, female voice, drums, piano, and cimbalom.


The Fetaverse - like the Fediverse, but with cheese.

I've been making a track every week for over six years now - it's been a great learning experience.

One unexpected lesson has been developing an instinct for when something is "long enough" - not done (there may be refinement needed), but that the musical idea has filled its appropriate temporal space. Pop music has long conditioned us to think 3 minutes is "right" - reality is often above or below that mark.

I won't claim to have mastered that (or any) skill, but I enjoy improving it.

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