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Bumping the stream back a day again - some sambas of sorts will occur tomorrow.

Tomorrow for my piano stream I'll spend time with "One Note Samba" and "Only Trust Your Heart" - we'll see how they get along 🙂

Integrating. Interrogating. Intermodulating. Interchanging.

Meditating. Mediating. Mitigating. Mutating.

Inferring. Interring. Intervening. Interleaving.


Featuring piano.

Now - piano stream, musing on "Waltz for Debby" - tune in!

Bumping back my stream a day - Waltz for Debby will arrive tomorrow.

Tomorrow for my piano stream I'll again woodshed "Waltz for Debby" - nice to explore the depth of a chart. Tune in!

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When the tension of phonetic ambiguity weighs on you, you must take a step back. You deserve a fresh breath, and a moment to rest. You need Calm with a K - featuring electric keys, strings, winds, soprano sax, trumpet, synthesizer, and drum machine.


Around this time tomorrow, or a bit later, I'll do my weekly live piano stream. This time I'll be woodshedding "My Favorite Things" - tune in!

Beware All Hallows' Eve, my friend, I speak not tongue-in-cheek. It is a day of augury, a time of dark mystique. And though it is for most a time to run about and play, it nonetheless should see respect, to hold the gloom at bay.

Featuring full orchestra (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion), synthesizer, and electric guitar.


Now with piano -

Playing Quiet Now. But I suppose not entirely quietly.

Tomorrow as usual I'll do a live piano stream - my plan is to woodshed "Quiet Now." Tune in, or catch the recording later!

Being a cat is not easy. You often find yourself on the wrong side of a door, or on the outside of an interesting box. Humans pet you with smelly hands, necessitating further grooming.

Being a cat is easy. Humans assist in your hunting and grooming exercises. Boxes and doors provide stimulating and rewarding puzzles and experiences.

Being a cat requires harmony - good thing balance abounds amongst felines.

Featuring a rocking tonewheel organ.

Now live, piano stream

Woodshedding "Waltz for Debby" more or less.

Tomorrow for my jazz piano stream I'll play "Waltz For Debby", and some other things. Tune in, and welcome!

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