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My this week (Democratic Dirge) was somewhat of an homage to a track I made 4 years ago during the previous election -

(At least, it features the same piccolo .)

Maybe not a big deal to most, but I'm proud my has zero violations -

Try it on your favorite sites and see what you find.

Words are cheap, tension high. From their homes, to the polls, people fly. This we know, he must go - time is nigh.

Featuring piccolo trumpet, double bass, bagpipes, snare drum, Celtic instruments (fiddle, harp, spoons, whistle, harmonica, guitar), tenor voice, and piano.


Consider the distance between a start and a target - an interval. Sometimes that interval is tractable, able to be bridged by conventional means. And sometimes that interval is more - an overreach.

Featuring piano, female voice, string orchestra, drums, synthesizer, and erhu.


Evidently my bespoke (no big modern frameworks, just minimal JS/CSS w/HTML) is relatively aesthetically pleasing, according to an "AI" -

72% of users expected to like it, with 60/60 for visual appearance and clarity, as of the time of this post.

(Sorry for the shortener - URL has == in it which Mastodon apparently eats.)

The Sweetest Sounds; If I Were A Bell; (Momentary) Hackensack; Polka Dots and Moonbeams


Yes, I know the stream MIDI died halfway through. Used to be more reliable... there's enough at the beginning for a highlight tomorrow anyway, and I'll do some research on if I can make things a bit more reliable in future. Any bluetooth MIDI experts out there feel free to send me tips...

(And yes, I know, bluetooth. But it lets me conveniently connect a properish piano, and if things aren't convenient I'm unlikely to make a habit of them. And it was working pretty well historically.)

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