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Sometimes, something seems sufficiently salient, so sharing summarily sanctions strife. See?

Passing through, sounds askew. Take your cue, there's much to do. We cut to something brand-new. A Wind Blue.

This minor blues waltz features tenor saxophone, upright bass, piano, and brushed drums.

Monk's Worm, Monk's Worm / Improvise your Intervals / Playing with such dissonance / Make sounds that are bizarre

Monk's Worm, Monk's Worm / Improvise your Intervals / Give us time to stop and hear / How resonant they are

Integration must be inherently insistent, even (and especially) when incongruous.

Weariness is not tranquil. It pulses and drives, even when resigned. Tension becomes cracks, and cracks become structure. This is more than mere lassitude - this is lassitudinal.

Featuring synthesizers, strings, drums, electric guitar, bass, and piano.

You can't fight the desert... you have to ride with it. If your travels take you to this windblown locale, be sure to keep your wits close and your water closer. Your surroundings are just desert, and if you are unprepared they will deliver to you your just deserts. One thing is certain - there won't be dessert.

Featuring 808 and electro drums, synthesized risers, Hammond organ, plucks, bass, duduk, and effects.

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