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@turion @bluss @musicians Agreed that Audacity is great for simple multitracking. I must admit it's been many moons since I've tried Ardour and it's entirely possible it's come a long way, but "once you've set up JACK" can be a bit of a curve for a beginner 😀

@randulo @ics @musicians I could also pretty easily adapt to adding more choruses and all that. And I'm happy to record myself the first four bars as well, I just didn't want to take the time to really figure out the intro chords fully and figured it'd be lame to just hit C over and over 😉

@randulo @ics @musicians Nice! Coming together.

And yeah I know my piano render isn't normalized, but neither was the original mix 🙂 so I decided to just align w/that. Can send it to you however you'd like when we're at final product.

I also have the original MIDI and am familiar w/BIAB, so if you send me your BIAB project or the MIDI export I could grab first 4 bars of piano and prepend it to my stuff (so it sounds as the same piano). And again I may well replace my solo and first comp.

Excited to have just laid down my first piano take for a colab with @randulo and @ics, but I feel obliged to remind the world that I'm not *actually* principally a pianist 🙂

I principally play , as attested to in this track (the first I tooted!):

I also get by okay with (it's really just a simplified clarinet 😉):

And lastly I can cover for a ballad or bossa, but wouldn't call it a main axe. @musicians

@randulo @ics @musicians But, here's something to work with, and feel free to take it and build on it. This is just an MP3 stem (extra second padding at end but otherwise lines up), but I have the original MIDI and can rerender as desired later.

Happy to do the final mixdown too - I have a bit of practice with that by now, granted mostly self-taught.

In any case, this was fun, and happy to just throw out more piano comp takes on whatever tracks we'd like to work on. Thanks all!

@randulo @ics @musicians In the spirit of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, here's a take.

I comped a chorus, kinda soloed a chorus, comped a chorus. There's a few clams in there (I may want to replace the solo), but I think my second comping in particular came out nice, and dare I say I nailed the outro 🙂

Again, I really don't know what I'm doing, so my voicings may be a bit gratuitous sometimes, and I can't help but play bass notes as I'm not used to having a bassist.

@bluss @musicians I'm a big fan of OSS, but admit for music I often rely on other software. Reaper is my DAW of choice, and I have too many plugins :) including at least some free/OSS.

On that note, if you are looking for OSS synthesizers -

But for a simple setup, just pick a basic cheap DAW and learn it. Mac comes with GarageBand, I'd probably try Cakewalk on Windows, and Tracktion supports Linux (including Raspberry Pi)

And before you worry too much about whether claiming ownership runs contrary to / culture, I suggest counting how many times the word "copyright" is used in the GPL 🙂

We own what we make (though we of course owe much to influences and collaboration). It's how we choose to share it that counts.

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An informative article if you're new to this:

BMI is an established PRO and AllTrack is newer (and thus may have better tech/online experience). SoundExchange is a bit different, focused on noninteractive digital plays (e.g. Pandora type autoplaylists where you don't pick the song). Technically you may have to join both a regular PRO *and* SoundExchange, still trying to figure that...

Would love to hear from anyone with experience with any of the above.

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Hey - as you may know by now, I make a track a week. I publish it freely, but also release it on commercial services (Apple, Spotify, etc.) just for exposure/discoverability (definitely not for paying the bills).

This means I get a UPC and ISRC for my tracks, which is cool. Now I'm trying to figure out - should I register for a PRO, and if so which one? Main contenders (free to join):

And a related org:

It was clear(ly fuzzy), in the moment(um). Things happened - narrative? - well, there was at least a series of event(ualitie)s. We (mis)remember, and (dis)cover the truths within us.

Featuring nylon guitar, phased electric guitar, distorted baby toys, hemlock reed flute, drum kit and C64 beats, a distant dreamy Steinway, bass and sequenced synthesizer, orchestral effects, and the voice of an elevator.


@randulo @ics @musicians I'm happy to at least throw together an improvised comp/maybe solo take sometime tomorrow, as that's also fairly easy for me to do, and if nothing else is good practice. If we end up switching gears/nothing comes of it that's totally fine, as I've mentioned I'm not even *really* a jazz pianist (in the sense that I just play solo, haven't had ensemble experience w/piano) so it'll be good to practice and learn.

@ics @randulo @musicians Re: structure, sounds good. Of course I'll probably just do straight comping and not melody for all choruses except when I take a solo. And outro may be a bit hard to nail like this 🙂 but we'll give it a shot, and I'll try to follow whatever is in the backing.

I should be able to lay something down on Monday hopefully. Sorry for the slight delay, and feel free to lay down a track anyway if you'd like, we can definitely make it line up whatever order.

I'll play some later this evening, but before then you really ought to listen to this -

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