Consider the distance between a start and a target - an interval. Sometimes that interval is tractable, able to be bridged by conventional means. And sometimes that interval is more - an overreach.

Featuring piano, female voice, string orchestra, drums, synthesizer, and erhu.


Evidently my bespoke (no big modern frameworks, just minimal JS/CSS w/HTML) is relatively aesthetically pleasing, according to an "AI" - bit.ly/2RJpC5q

72% of users expected to like it, with 60/60 for visual appearance and clarity, as of the time of this post.

(Sorry for the shortener - URL has == in it which Mastodon apparently eats.)

@amolith So, umm, did you lose books 3 and 4? 🧙‍♂️

The Sweetest Sounds; If I Were A Bell; (Momentary) Hackensack; Polka Dots and Moonbeams



Yes, I know the stream MIDI died halfway through. Used to be more reliable... there's enough at the beginning for a highlight tomorrow anyway, and I'll do some research on if I can make things a bit more reliable in future. Any bluetooth MIDI experts out there feel free to send me tips...

(And yes, I know, bluetooth. But it lets me conveniently connect a properish piano, and if things aren't convenient I'm unlikely to make a habit of them. And it was working pretty well historically.)

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Where there's smoke, there's particulate matter. Spreading yet not dissipating, replacing parts of our millions with fetid toxicity. Reflexively, we recoil - reactively, we rally. But the true solution is a deeper understanding and appreciation of the system around us.

Featuring orchestra complemented by granular synthesis.


audio/recording gearmongering 

@mayor It most likely expects plug-in power, a terribly underdocumented and unsearchable technical detail for some microphones (*not* the same as phantom power).



TLDR - it's basically made for professional camera users who want better sound but still high portability. Distressingly little music gear provides plug-in power, though some gear that lets you tune the input gain *may* be workable.

@randulo @ics @musicians Listening now and the first half of my piano solo is waaaay to Hunky Dor(k)y, if you know what I mean. I swear I always do a better take on the last time I'm practicing before I hit record...

But, nice to hear it together (and we *did* nail the outro), and actually I'm more or less satisfied with both my comping choruses (though the second one is better). But, will definitely cut or replace the solo for end product - still, okay as a work in progress 🙂

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