@ephemeral Thanks for the kind words! And no worries 🙂 these are pretty busy times, and I'm happy to just share what I'm making for the sake of it and hope others connect to it.


Like fibers in a cord, we are all connected - and often, entangled in unexpected ways. Even on the fringe, there are strands running through, upon which many things can travel. Connection is a means to an end - share unto others as you wish for yourself.

Featuring piano, orchestral strings and woodwinds, drums, and a highly effected music box.

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Anyone still awake? I'm about to do a short livestream of improvised piano music. Tune in if you're looking for a little background music ❤️ youtube.com/watch?v=nrFWPASZ8F

@DarinWilson For playing I have a MIDI controller and pick a virtual piano library to suit my mood (usually something simple and Steinway based). Anything that gets sound in your computer will work (e.g. mic or audio interface w/other piano).

Then you need to get the audio to OBS, which e.g. may need something like github.com/mattingalls/Soundfl depending on your OS.

And lastly for visualization I use vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/projectmi

It's still a little wonky (occasional audio clicks), but I like it. Thanks!

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I'm about to start live streaming some solo piano music for a bit. Drop on by if you're so inclined :) youtube.com/watch?v=rPX8yD7tSo

@vicorva I make free (CC BY-NC-ND) , a new track every week at jazzaria.com

I also regularly stream live jazz improvisation at twitch.tv/jazzaria_

Amongst the feedback I've gotten for my music - "This is the weirdest music I've ever heard. Nice job :)"


I am a bee in a flat. I like wearing my hat. I have a very cool cat. He is fat, takes my honey like that.

Bee cool and enjoy this relaxing track, featuring soprano saxophone, jazz guitar, upright bass, piano, and jazz drum kit.


Blues are better with friends - voices joining together, commiseratively celebrating sundry circumstances. The late great mastodon may seem an odd emblem of social interaction, but its prehistoric ways have a lot to teach us. Featuring an amiable collection of instruments - clarinet, upright bass, piano, mallet-played drum kit, and flugelhorn.

It doesn't look open to registration (and I'm not a player), but banjo.town/about is my favorite niche instance I've seen so far. Cheers to the honorable @mayor, and (though it lacks that stringy woodiness of authentic ) I offer you one of my past tracks that featured (virtual) banjo - jazzaria.bandcamp.com/track/sh

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