@hotkinky31 Your advice is useful and appreciated! I'll have to listen to that more to internalize it, but I'll definitely explore it and include in my next stream. Thanks!

@thor Heh I hear that - I accept that in a basic sense, my art is selfish, as it is me striving to express myself. I hope others find it to be of value, but know its value is inherently contextual and self-defined as well, be it by my own self or the self of others.

"Commercial success", though not inherently corrupting, is at least correlated with it. So, I'll keep making what I make, as long as my biosurvival doesn't depend on my music.

@hotkinky31 Thanks! Next week I'll go with C minor - probably start w/My Funny Valentine, but see where things take me from there 😀

Tomorrow I will do my usual live piano stream - currently noodling on a mix of Ron Carter's "Little Waltz" and Tears for Fears "Mad World" (with the occasional interruption from Debussy), so, we'll see where that lands.

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First study of my new Bossa-slap-technique. So far I haven't heard any #Bossa being played on the #guitar with clap (i.e. #percussive or #drum elements). Except maybe of Eirik Glambek Bøe of Kings of Convenience, who hits the fingernails on the strings to simulate a #snare. But here I also use my pinky to simulate a #tom.
Btw. the #lyrics are my translation of "Insensatez".



Can a storm be stolen? With adequate stealth, strength and stamina - perhaps. A stoic storm-breaker, sans suncatcher, staying stably centered in the eye, saying spells presaging superstitious sorcery. A squall! Such sundries shall beseech a stolen storm.

Featuring orchestral woodwinds, brass, strings, synth, female voice, drums, piano, and cimbalom.


The Fetaverse - like the Fediverse, but with cheese.

@ajroach42 I make a new music track very week. An appropriate one to feature in this context (the first one I made upon joining the fediverse) - jazzaria.bandcamp.com/track/ma

My bespoke website jazzaria.com features all my music, covers, and weird words.

I've been making a track every week for over six years now - it's been a great learning experience.

One unexpected lesson has been developing an instinct for when something is "long enough" - not done (there may be refinement needed), but that the musical idea has filled its appropriate temporal space. Pop music has long conditioned us to think 3 minutes is "right" - reality is often above or below that mark.

I won't claim to have mastered that (or any) skill, but I enjoy improving it.

Tomorrow I'll again do a live piano stream. Feeling a bit exploratory, so, we'll see where I end up going.


Groomin' - hangin out with my hoomin. Groomin' - keepin' my fur clean.

Groomin' - getting ready for some zoomin'! But now I'm groomin', for that special sheen.

Featuring cat, alto sax, upright bass, tack piano, drum kit, shakers, and backing singers.

Certain songs are interesting to play because they are unforgiving - e.g. a Bach invention, or H In New England.

Any given bar is "easy" - but even if you only have a 1% chance of biffing a bar, that is liable to happen at some point in the performance. In jazz, romantic/impressionistic, or atonal(ish) music, it's often easy to play through the mistake and most audience members won't notice. But, when it happens in music that just sits there clearly, you can't hide it, and it can throw you off.

Tomorrow I'll once again do a live piano stream - and I think I'll revert to my "just flip around between songs whimsically" structure this time, as it's been awhile since I've done that. Tune in (or watch the recording), you never know what you might hear!

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