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Coming soon - something big. Something so big that your very range of perception is inadequate. To fully appreciate the enormity of this imminent arrival, an eminent increase in aspirational perspicacity is highly advisable. Strive - and you just might expand your horizons.

Featuring full orchestra, world percussion, electric guitar, and synthesizers.

On Earth, rain falls as water - but elsewhere, other elements descend from the heavens. Out there, there are planets in the sky with diamonds, where tremendous pressure compresses methane until it falls as diamond hail and melts into hot liquid seas.

Featuring orchestral strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, choir, drums, rain, and effects.

...Don't lose your cool, keep your head in the game - you must fight just to safely survive.

It's the cry of the viper, it's the chill of the bite, rising up to the challenge of my poison. And I'll keep on surviving, stalk my prey in the night, warn you all when I'm near with the cry of the viper.

Featuring distorted rock guitar lead, shakers, synthesizers, electric guitar and bass, drum kit, and strings.

The simple reason for this is that "no repeat factor" is a very strong model; the problem is you can only remember things for a few seconds at a time.

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