Starting my a little early today

(There's a Christian McBride live chat later tonight I want to catch.)

Wave-particle duality is amazing, and enables us to explain light without it needing a medium to pass through. Yet there is still an odd romance to the old notions of such a luminiferous aether, as if it would be a physical manifestation of notions of universal connectedness and commonality. It may not actually exist, but that need not limit our imagination.

Approaching from the depths. Not one, but two toothy creatures, inspiring in all who behold them. But are they afraid of each other? Is an epic clash inevitable? With soothing and a fishy peace offering, this particular pair of finds another way.

This 8-bit feeling track loops well, making it particularly suited as music. Featuring a variety of sounds and beats, all generated by the Teenage Engineering OP-Z.

A downwards journey, with some stumbling and some chopsticks, ending in a stairway.

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