Tomorrow I will do my usual live piano stream - currently noodling on a mix of Ron Carter's "Little Waltz" and Tears for Fears "Mad World" (with the occasional interruption from Debussy), so, we'll see where that lands.

Tomorrow I'll again do a live piano stream. Feeling a bit exploratory, so, we'll see where I end up going.

Tomorrow I'll once again do a live piano stream - and I think I'll revert to my "just flip around between songs whimsically" structure this time, as it's been awhile since I've done that. Tune in (or watch the recording), you never know what you might hear!

The moon has inspired many dreams, and not simply because it is visible at night. It carries a quietude that embodies pensiveness. From our vantage, the lunar surface is calm - yet as with dreams, a surreal complexity is belied by the serene surface.

This contrafact of "Moonlight Serenade" features jazz big band of clarinet, saxophones, strings, and rhythm section.


Now - piano stream

Navigating the windy twisty ways of "Hullo Bolinas" by Steve Swallow.

Tomorrow for my piano stream I'll muse on "Hullo Bolinas", and see where it takes me. Tune in!

Tomorrow for my piano stream, I will be profaning Beethoven, and seeing how much Bill Evans I know from memory.

Also, I'll actually do it tomorrow. Probably

Wish me luck.

Now - piano, playing "One Note Samba" and "Only Trust Your Heart" (and wherever else my fingers take me)

Tomorrow for my piano stream I'll spend time with "One Note Samba" and "Only Trust Your Heart" - we'll see how they get along 🙂

Now - piano stream, musing on "Waltz for Debby" - tune in!

Tomorrow for my piano stream I'll again woodshed "Waltz for Debby" - nice to explore the depth of a chart. Tune in!

Around this time tomorrow, or a bit later, I'll do my weekly live piano stream. This time I'll be woodshedding "My Favorite Things" - tune in!

Now with piano -

Playing Quiet Now. But I suppose not entirely quietly.

Tomorrow as usual I'll do a live piano stream - my plan is to woodshed "Quiet Now." Tune in, or catch the recording later!

Now live, piano stream

Woodshedding "Waltz for Debby" more or less.

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