The end of a day can be many things - it can be tired, satisfied, disappointed, or yearning. Whether bittersweet or sweetly set, it is a moment of reflection and repose as we allow events to pass with the literal progression of time.

This contrafact John Coltrane's "Naima" features flute, tenor saxophone, upright bass, drums, electric guitar, piano, and backing horns.



Quick as a whip, sharp as a tack - like finding a needle in a haystack. Let the chips fall where they may and let the cat out of the bag - easier to do than say!

Featuring vibraphone, clarinet, horns, and a jazz quartet of drums, upright bass, electric guitar, and piano.



Nibbling around the edges. Finding oddities, oddly lingering. Structured noodling, with modal continuity - the end result is downright doodly.

This contrafact of John Coltrane's "Lonnie's Lament" features clarinet accompanied by a jazz quartet of upright bass, piano, drums, and electric guitar.



You start something without knowing exactly where it is going. You try to follow your own lead, forging an unforeseen path and suppressing your self-induced surprise. In hindsight, you strive to surmise a satisfactory reason for your surrumptory travels. What does it mean? I don't know what yet!



Land, wind, sky - this too shall pass. And along with it, one imagines most kites - but suppose one persists. A lone kite, outlasting existence, and witnessing the fading of all that is. With a little bit of whimsy, our flying friend invites the universe to, for one last time, go fly a kite.

This bossa style jazz track features spanish guitar (with chorus effect), piano, drums, and upright bass.



Digital drops falling - or downloading? Synergistically searching, in a (synthetic) space. Finding is folly, yet nevertheless we persist.

Wholly improvised on the Kuma 508 FM synthesizer.



When you go to a coffee shop, you've got a latte of options. You espresso yourself, and your choices bean a lot. Me? I'll have some spice on my foam, too.

Featuring a jazz quartet of clarinet, piano, brushed drums, and upright bass.


Purses contain many things - why not people? Monetary ramifications notwithstanding, possessing the power of the purse is a potent panacea portending purposeful pursuits. A person in a purse, purse in that they are, may be personalized - with a purse on their thigh.

This funky track features slap bass, electric guitar, drum kit, organ, keys, and synthesizer.



Sometimes, it takes twice. Twice. Pricked once, and some reaction is elicited. Again, and a full response is ensured. This monotonous wisdom is one I hope you receive, again not once - but twice.

Featuring unaccompanied clarinet and repetitive reverb.



One day while gazing at a pond, Roy G. Biv happened upon a remarkable thing - colors underwater. Colors reflect on the surface for all to see, but for those who probe deeper the reward is innovative hues of a new spectrum. Mediums modify messages, and wavelengths are a function of their context.

Featuring assorted synthesized and synthetically modified sounds.



Though it may lack the poise of New England and the glamor of New York, there is a certain something about New Jersey. Boardwalks, buildings, and a general bounce - memorable, if nothing else. For H, this is the New Jersey sound.

This contrafact of Max Richter's "H in New England" features electric bass, piano, drums, guitar, horns, and solo alto sax.



Space is quite far apart. Within it, you explore, and find new strangeness. This isn't the space you were looking for, and yet it is what you sought. Unexpected, and of different composition - yet space, nonetheless. Featuring unaccompanied clarinet, with creative reverb.



In past, saints marched - proceeding celebratorily to their anointed destination for hallowed reasons. But of late, it has been holier to limit outings, and more responsibly celebrate and consecrate in place. And so, these saints do not march - they stay at home.

Featuring unaccompanied clarinet.



Kitty on a cruise ship, what'll it ever do there? Knock things overboard! The day is the night and the night is the day - and it's not even that hard. Beware felines who bop things in the night, lest something unintentionally disembark.

This bop-gypsy fusion features acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic bass, piano, and drums.



The world is pretty complicated - largely because it both changes and doesn't. But, in at least a few good ways, some things have been changing lately. And though there is far to go and much to do, we should celebrate when things ameliorate. I guess I'll go back to Georgia!

Featuring upright bass, saxophones, trombones, percussion, piano, and solo trumpet.



It's come together - mostly. The outline is apparent, the conclusion intimated - but something is still missing. Resolution requires more than crispness, it requires intentional composition of requisite elements. For now, we will trace around it - it is upon the perceiver to mentally consummate.

Featuring unaccompanied clarinet.



Fruit has great nutrition to behold, or at least that is what we are told. Consume it for your health, gain nutrients to fortify yourself. Does this hold true regardless of hue? Let us ask a banana, blue.

Featuring 60s-inspired electric guitar, bass, drums, whistlers, harmonica, studio strings, and keys.



Grains of sand are both transient and permanent. They last, and spread, and shift, and vanish. We are told sand keeps footprints, warned not to build on it - yet in its unsettled nature it will outlast us all.

Featuring clarinet and four notes.



Hang on.

Hang out. Hang low. Hangman. Hang up. Hang glide. Hang by a thread.

Hang a huey. Hang a louie. Hang a u-ie. Hang about. Hang back. Hang behind.

Hang nail. Hang in effigy. Hang ten. Hang over. Hang of it. Hang noodles on your ears.

Hang it all. Hang your hat. Hang a right. Hang in there. Hang out your shingle. Hang out to dry.

Featuring electric guitar, drums, upright bass, and vocal pads.


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