It's not easy being number one. You always end up playing second fiddle, reliably supporting and waiting for your time to shine. And that time will come - in the second verse, with the next generation of this trek through the stars.

This jazz swing chart features vibraphone, trombone, upright bass, brushed drums, and piano.


Passing through, sounds askew. Take your cue, there's much to do. We cut to something brand-new. A Wind Blue.

This minor blues waltz features tenor saxophone, upright bass, piano, and brushed drums.


You don't need a destination to have a reason to take a hike. A pleasant walk through a quiet forest glen is just the ticket for a relaxing afternoon, appreciating the simple things and seeing the appealing ones.

Featuring clarinet, piano, upright bass, guitar, and brushed drums.


I am a bee in a flat. I like wearing my hat. I have a very cool cat. He is fat, takes my honey like that.

Bee cool and enjoy this relaxing track, featuring soprano saxophone, jazz guitar, upright bass, piano, and jazz drum kit.


Blues are better with friends - voices joining together, commiseratively celebrating sundry circumstances. The late great mastodon may seem an odd emblem of social interaction, but its prehistoric ways have a lot to teach us. Featuring an amiable collection of instruments - clarinet, upright bass, piano, mallet-played drum kit, and flugelhorn.

Hello Fediverse! A quick - I make , often with a lot of . I release a new track every Sunday at jazzaria.com (backed by an archive.org Netlabel, linked in my profile).

I also release my music in various other places (linked from jazzaria.com), and have recently begun live streaming piano improvisation at: twitch.tv/jazzaria_

I use a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license (share freely), and sell licenses for commercial reuse at Jamendo. Happy to be here to share my music!


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