When inhibitions are inhibited, what is the result? An immediate pounce! It won't know what hit it, though the pouncer might not know what it is either. But the important part is the pounce, and worst case scenario - you can always hide up in a tree.

Featuring clarinet, drums, and upright bass.


Augmented yet stately


highlights for the letter P.

Next week, Q - welcome! (Seriously, not many songs start with Q.)


One day while gazing at a pond, Roy G. Biv happened upon a remarkable thing - colors underwater. Colors reflect on the surface for all to see, but for those who probe deeper the reward is innovative hues of a new spectrum. Mediums modify messages, and wavelengths are a function of their context.

Featuring assorted synthesized and synthetically modified sounds.



Never mind the details - surely you can imagine a symphony. Harmonious combination and special coloration compose, with results that span a somehow sparsely rich fabrication. Sure, a symphony is supposed to be an extended work with a proper form and craft, but language evolves and returns to what it once was. Behold, the Symphony in Your Head.

Featuring a slightly surreal orchestra.



What's that, in the corner of the carton? There's an egg that is unlike its shelled brethren. An egg that stands out, and has a unique fate. Though a tad overwhelmed, this egg will nevertheless strive and embrace the journey ahead. Super Egg Go!

Featuring synthesizers, distorted electric bass, drums, strings, and assorted effects.



Knock knock! Who's there? Nobody, this is the doorknob - I'm sapient now! No key today, please - I already brushed my teeth. Make a deal with me and I'll advise you on all matters door-related.

Featuring piano, low woodwinds, music box, synthesizer, drums, strings, female voice, and electric guitar and bass.



The name's Bit... DoubleBit. Agent 0011 reporting for duty, ready to tackle problems with twice the computational precision. I always dress smart, save the day, and get the girl - discretely.

Featuring the 80s sounds of the MSX.


Fly me to Japan / And let me play the Koto Song


highlights from the letter K.

Next week, L - welcome!

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