Kitty on a cruise ship, what'll it ever do there? Knock things overboard! The day is the night and the night is the day - and it's not even that hard. Beware felines who bop things in the night, lest something unintentionally disembark.

This bop-gypsy fusion features acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic bass, piano, and drums.


Soot suit, zut alors! Dimanche soil (and so much more?)


highlights from the letter D. Next up, the inevitable E - welcome!


The world is pretty complicated - largely because it both changes and doesn't. But, in at least a few good ways, some things have been changing lately. And though there is far to go and much to do, we should celebrate when things ameliorate. I guess I'll go back to Georgia!

Featuring upright bass, saxophones, trombones, percussion, piano, and solo trumpet.



Nature cares not for human contrivance - a line in the sand or an angle of sun. Ahead of us lies past, present, and future - we navigate on til our journey is done.

Featuring reversed piano, full orchestra (brass, woodwinds, strings), harp, drums, and chimes.


What else is there?


highlights from my second "streaming through the alphabet" stream. Next week, letter C - welcome!


It's come together - mostly. The outline is apparent, the conclusion intimated - but something is still missing. Resolution requires more than crispness, it requires intentional composition of requisite elements. For now, we will trace around it - it is upon the perceiver to mentally consummate.

Featuring unaccompanied clarinet.


ii V iii vi


, highlights from the first of my "streaming through the alphabet" streams. Taking for letter B for next Tuesday!


When you're swinging so hard, you break out first-rate. You know you've got it, time to pendulate! Two pendulums cannot be stopped, they give your sound an extra pop. Hey, oscillation machine - now's not the time to come clean.

Featuring the free Pendulate synthesizer from Newfangled Audio and drum machine.



A seed, in fertile soil, becomes something else. Drips and drops accumulate, and contribute. To bear, to grow, to be - to flower.

Featuring kalimba, electric guitar, synth pads, vox, and drums.


Changing up my streaming schedule - instead of somewhat irregular/short MWF streams, I'm going to just do a stream on Tuesday (and highlights the day after). It'll still probably be a *bit* irregular 😀 but I will plan it a bit more, and aspire to even have a setlist.

I also may add another live stream on Friday or Saturday with @jnktn_tv in future. And of course I'll keep publishing a new "studio" track every Sunday. So, I'll still be putting plenty of my out there!


Days begin, often with a shrill cry to attention. They end in a variety of ways - some restful, some fitful, most at least a little open-ended. But it is the time between when we are often the least mindful, yet most of the action occurs.

Featuring orchestral strings, flute, clarinet, taiko drums, synthesized choral pads and plucked arp, and effects.


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