Beginning a journey


Since I've been waffling on themes ever since finishing the alphabet, my theme next week is "no books" (hat tip to @thor). It'll just be me, my brain, my fingers, and my keys.

So, if you're a regular listener, you'll hear a lot of familiar stuff! 😁 But I'll see if I can take them in some different directions...

Life is largely water - perhaps that is why youth has long been fabled to come in fountain form. It is true that the right salves and ointments go a long way - but beware promises that give all and require little. Like a reflection in a fountain, they may look pleasing, but vanish when pressed.

Featuring orchestral strings and woodwinds, synthesizers, flute, piano, drums, and birds.


Digital drops falling - or downloading? Synergistically searching, in a (synthetic) space. Finding is folly, yet nevertheless we persist.

Wholly improvised on the Kuma 508 FM synthesizer.


Somewhere there's Music


Next week my plan is to focus more deeply on something classical - but best laid plans being what they are, I may well just noodle again.

Helter skelter, muddy buddy. Up up down down. Mussy fussy, fuddy duddy. Left right left right. Be a Jitter Critter, moving in unpredictable ways, obfuscating analysis and embracing individuality.

Featuring Samples From Mars Kawaii Dreams and 727.


To thine own self be blue

highlights for the letter Z.

I'm through the alphabet, so next week will be either entirely freeform and/or I'll break out the classical book. If you have preferences either way feel free to let me know!

When you go to a coffee shop, you've got a latte of options. You espresso yourself, and your choices bean a lot. Me? I'll have some spice on my foam, too.

Featuring a jazz quartet of clarinet, piano, brushed drums, and upright bass.

The ambiguity of language is simultaneously obfuscating and welcoming. We can connect to a variety of vocalizations, even if we do not properly understand them. But lest you be lulled into a sense of universality, recall that such expression is inevitably a shadow of an inner state.

Featuring vocal shouts, orchestra with solo violin and trumpet, piano, and synthesizer.


Where do pickup trucks go, when they no longer go? Leaving concrete and combustion behind, they are exposed and slowly reach a balance. Forget Dodge - it too shall pass (sometimes even on the right).

Featuring flugelhorn, harmonica, piano, drums, guitar, and bass.


Dedicated in 3

for the letter W.

Next week, X - welcome! (Seriously, not many songs start with X.)

When something starts out at the bottom, it has only one place to go. It takes a certain craftiness to climb, and even more deviousness to maintain dominance. Next time you consider what is overhead, remember that its current state need not reflect its provenance.

Featuring synthesizers, orchestra, choir with solo female voice, and electric guitar.


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