Improvised (in a pseudo / style), in homage to a pigeon -

(Not exactly recorded in a studio - you can hear some street noise at spots, if you listen carefully.)

Inspiration is fleeting - inhibited inspiration, doubly so. An idea, just out of grasp, is all the more exalted for its unattainability. But as those who create know, there is a gap between the idealized and the actualized.

Featuring orchestra (strings, brass, percussion), drum kit, wine glasses, and nylon guitar.


Is your figure less than greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak are you smart?


My weekly track (Hang) subliminally borrows the beginning of its theme from my much earlier track, Devonian Dervish -

Hang on.

Hang out. Hang low. Hangman. Hang up. Hang glide. Hang by a thread.

Hang a huey. Hang a louie. Hang a u-ie. Hang about. Hang back. Hang behind.

Hang nail. Hang in effigy. Hang ten. Hang over. Hang of it. Hang noodles on your ears.

Hang it all. Hang your hat. Hang a right. Hang in there. Hang out your shingle. Hang out to dry.

Featuring electric guitar, drums, upright bass, and vocal pads.


Many thanks to @ben - my music is now included in the playlist for 🎉

It's even been ingested with my snazzy cover images. There's also the excellent AudionautiX music in regular rotation, but if you leave it open outside of a scheduled show you'll hear my stuff pretty often 😀

Thanks Ben, and I'll definitely keep adding music to my to keep things fresh!


Cosmic noise - electromagnetic signals all around us, broadcast from universal origin and picked up by our receivers, even when intended for more mundane consumption. Visualized, it is nothing - or isomorphic to everything, the stars themselves and all between.

Featuring full orchestra of trumpet, horns, strings, woodwinds, percussion (including timpani), organ, and choir.


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