I release my music freely, but send to commercial outlets to make it available. Last month I got ~18k listens, and ~$11 in payment, averaging ~$0.0006/play.

A million plays per month would be a bit more than $600. As they say - "Don't quit your day job."

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Its a puzzle that hasn't been solved yet.

- people like music and have always paid artists for music
- but once produced digitally, music can be replicated infinitely at zero cost
- people don't like to pay for things of zero cost
- yet artists must be paid to produce the music people like

Maybe its unsolvable, maybe we haven't tried hard enough

@openrisk Agreed that it's a hard problem - historically, music (and other art) was supported via patronage, first the church and then royalty and finally general "nobility."

This model had disadvantages - the agenda/whims of the sponsor could greatly shape the product. But I'm not so sure that the pressures of capitalism lead to the "best art" (whatever that is) either, and in any case it certainly isn't neutral.

Arguably something like UBI is the only real solution, if that works at all.

@Jazzaria political (state) patronage is still a thing in places (and it is definetely not neutral 😔

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