Ever taken something, stretched it til it breaks, and then it doesn't break, like a phone that ran out of gas? Or maybe it does break, but not for you, since you witnessed the whole process, and the sameness abrogates the divergence. Featuring extremely slowed down saxophone and a variety of ambient generated beats and sequences.


Sax recording from @randulo

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@Jazzaria @musicians
Exactly what I was hearing in my head when I played this! Not :) Sounds better this way, much better.

Believe it or not, I don't think this is the longest recording I've ever appeared on, but the others are live concerts.

In the MADitation series on Soundcloud, there are several sax solo pieces. You're welcome to sample any of them and turn them into different music. There are 51 tracks to choose from:

@Jazzaria @musicians By the way, a mention on your Bandcamp would have been nice?

@randulo @musicians Ah sorry about that, will add - I have a kind of standardized copy-paste approach, and the Fediverse tagging didn't fit in elsewhere.

No biggie, if Bandcamp is your main presence, when you use something, you should credit and anywhere else unless there's no text, in which case you can use the (feat. randulo) syntax :)

@randulo Yep added text to the other places, including Bandcamp - thanks!

@Jazzaria Thanks, man. If it was just a sample or two, it wouldn't make sense, but if it's 17 minutes... ;)

@randulo Well I mean *technically* it was 1/5th of that, and PaulStretch is the source of the other 4/5ths 😉

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