Many thanks to @ben - my music is now included in the playlist for πŸŽ‰

It's even been ingested with my snazzy cover images. There's also the excellent AudionautiX music in regular rotation, but if you leave it open outside of a scheduled show you'll hear my stuff pretty often πŸ˜€

Thanks Ben, and I'll definitely keep adding music to my to keep things fresh!


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@Jazzaria I ran that with a one-time import script. I'll have to rig something up to grab new stuff you upload :)

also I still need to fix the rest of the metadata. it imported without the artist and song name fields set correctly and i started fixing it manually.

@ben Happy to take a look at your script and help, and once it's stable should be good to schedule. If you run on Monday you'll pick up whatever I added on Sunday (and if you want to err on the side of caution you can push it back a day or two).

And thanks again! Now I'm just waiting for to kill the star πŸ˜‰

@Jazzaria this is my current script - it's super janky and I still had to run the upload manually with sftp to our radioserver

@ben K, nice starting point - I'll take a look later and see what I can tweak. For now I can just assign metadata (at least clean track name) to variables, but if there's a way to output that standard LMK.

@ben Really quick untested idea - looks like the artist/track name assumed by the software is grabbed from filename as "Artist - Track Name.mp3"

It'd be pretty easy to save files in that format: `filename = "Jazzaria - " + item[title]` and then `{filename}.mp3` and `{filename}.jpg` in the urlretrieve calls.

Alternatively, if the software expects stuff in ID3 metadata, I could see if I can hack that in on my side. doesn't seem to provide it, but there must be a code way to add it.

@Jazzaria Ahh I think Jazzaria - Name would work! I'll give that a try

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