Hey - as you may know by now, I make a track a week. I publish it freely, but also release it on commercial services (Apple, Spotify, etc.) just for exposure/discoverability (definitely not for paying the bills).

This means I get a UPC and ISRC for my tracks, which is cool. Now I'm trying to figure out - should I register for a PRO, and if so which one? Main contenders (free to join):

And a related org:

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An informative article if you're new to this:

BMI is an established PRO and AllTrack is newer (and thus may have better tech/online experience). SoundExchange is a bit different, focused on noninteractive digital plays (e.g. Pandora type autoplaylists where you don't pick the song). Technically you may have to join both a regular PRO *and* SoundExchange, still trying to figure that...

Would love to hear from anyone with experience with any of the above.

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And before you worry too much about whether claiming ownership runs contrary to / culture, I suggest counting how many times the word "copyright" is used in the GPL 🙂

We own what we make (though we of course owe much to influences and collaboration). It's how we choose to share it that counts.

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