Hey / folks - anybody aware of something like Twitter lists for the fediverse? I'm not talking about the private "organize stuff you want to read" use case (Mastodon lists do that), but rather the public "curate and share a feed that aggregates similar folks" use case.

Specifically it'd be great to get some lists of Fediverse musicians as an entry point for those who want to follow overall or are new to the community. I'd be happy to curate such a list.

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Thanks / folks who shared suggestions of list tools! I'm requesting to join for a few categories, and encourage others to do the same.

I'm also going to start @musicians - feel free to mention that group whenever you'd like to have your post added to a shared list of musicians. It looks like curation isn't really a thing :) but I trust y'all to be good citizens, and am looking forward to our group growing. 🎶

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@Jazzaria chiming in so I remember to check responses later

@Jazzaria I have never used twitter so am not familiar with all the list features. In terms of mastodon though, there is #trunk:
Guppe might also be of interest to you
It is basically a system for groups on the fediverse.
You can also create your own mastodon lists in the mastodon ui, though I've never used them and am not completely sure what they are.

@jiminycricket Thanks! Trunk looks cool, and may be worth opting into. is also nice, but basically the difference with Twitter lists is it aggregates all the activity from the users in one feed without them having to tag or do any other specific action.

Understandable that that's a bit trickier in the Fediverse though, and I actually like the model, so may look into that...

Have started to use Hubzilla for this purpose; it has a function 'channels' to act as a specific-interest curation of accounts, as you suggest to collate content from various sources throughout the fediverse. For now, using this to curate for a _private_ channel which works fine, sharing public is easy similar to this "public" profile of me.

Unfortunately, the documentation is chaotic (personal opinion) in that it is there but confusing to find and then share.

Below is a description of how Hubzilla profiles and channels are intended to work:

    You have surely registered with some other internet services, such as forums or online communities. For all of them you provided some information about yourself, such as date of birth, country, age and the likes. Unlike other services Hubzilla offers you the advantage of creating many more profiles. That way you are able to distinguish between profiles targeted specially at everyone (your public profile), your work mates, your family and your partner.Think of your profile as the basic information about yourself you tell other people.
    During the registration you created your first channel. Yes, besides several profiles you are able to have several channels. This might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but let's clear things up. You already have created one channel. You can use this one for the public, to communicate with people about every day life. But perhaps you are an avid book reader and many people are bored by that. So you open a second channel just for the book lovers, where you all can talk about books as much as you like. Obviously this is a new stream of posts, with a new profile (... or new profiles ...) and completely different contacts. Some connections might exist in both channels, but there will be some that are exclusive to only one of both. You yourself just switch between both of them just like you would in real life switch when talking to people you meet on the street or people you meet specially to talk about books. You can even connect to yourself, or better: to your other channel. :)Think of a channel as different spaces dedicated to different topics where you meet with different people.

@rl Interesting, thanks for sharing - it does look a bit complicated :) but will check it out, and glad for the diversity of options.

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