@Jazzaria How are you setting up your livestream? I'm still trying to find something I like :)

@DarinWilson For playing I have a MIDI controller and pick a virtual piano library to suit my mood (usually something simple and Steinway based). Anything that gets sound in your computer will work (e.g. mic or audio interface w/other piano).

Then you need to get the audio to OBS, which e.g. may need something like github.com/mattingalls/Soundfl depending on your OS.

And lastly for visualization I use vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/projectmi

It's still a little wonky (occasional audio clicks), but I like it. Thanks!

@Jazzaria Neat! That's pretty close to what I've been doing. Your setup sounds great - the piano sounds really nice. And that's a great idea to use a visualization - I might have to try that sometime. Thanks!

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